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John Cobourn: Congress needs to act on carbon pricing

The devastating impact of climate-related disasters has only become more evident in recent years.

Nuclear downwinder reparations bill clears House

Only counties in Nevada, Arizona and Utah have eligible downwinders that can get up to $50,000 in reparations.

UNR Extension to offer Master Gardner program updates

UNR Extension will be offering Master Gardener program updates for residents on Thursday, May 19 from 10-11:30 a.m. and Thursday, May 26 from 5-6:30 p.m.

Frierson sworn in as first Black U.S. attorney in Nevada

Frierson replaces Christopher Chiou, who became interim head of the office when Nicholas Trutanich resigned after Biden took office.

Winhaven Garage Sale

Winhaven Sale

Garage sale

Cul-de-sac Sale

Multiple Items for sale

Multiple Items

Nevada vet services Director Kat Miller honored at retirement

Katherine “Kat” Miller officially retired April 30 after spending 10 years as the Nevada Department of Veterans Services director.

14' Sotar Catafaft

14' Sotar Catafaft

American Pit Bull Terrier

Male 4 months old

Kelly Bullis: IRS tax withholding estimator

If you want to adjust your Federal Income Tax withholding, up or down, the IRS has created a tool to help you.

Supervisors discuss license for Carson City energy drink business

Energy Drink Outlet is hoping to set up shop on Corbett Street.

Letters to the Editor for May 14, 2022

Letters to the editor of the Nevada Appeal.

Stellar Snacks of Carson City overcomes pandemic

Company that was 48 hours from closing is now growing so fast it is trying to bring wheat growing to Northern Nevada to avoid supply issues.

Trina Machacek: Attending shindigs

Shindig season. Grab up your family and have one, go to one. Create an atmosphere around you that can be remembered far into those nose hair freezing Februarys to come. Enjoy.

Students deliver the news at Carson Middle School

“Every year, CMNewz kids, or at least the ones running the news program, would try to improve it as much as possible."

Nevada awarded $4.4 million for ecosystem restoration

Nevada will receive $4.41 million of the $68.4 million in the infrastructure law to pay for ecosystem restoration projects nationwide.

3 Carson school leaders get national sustainability awards

Empire Elementary Principal Susan Squires, Director of Operations Services Mark Korinek and Superintendent Richard Stokes received Trailblazer awards.

Carol Perry: Uncertainty causes anxiety

You have no control over most of what happens in markets (and life).

Faith & Insight: A choice worth the cost

Though it does involve a willingness to lay one's life down, there is a promise of picking up true life and reconnection with the father.