As Temperatures Fluctuate the Value of Carpet Remains Steady

Carpet is the floor covering of choice

among homeowners.While most people

appreciate its beauty and comfort, carpet

is more than just a "pretty face," as

millions of homeowners have learned

about the functional aspects of this

popular floor covering.

Advantages of Carpet

Unlike other types of flooring, carpet

is a natural insulator, providing additional

warmth in cold seasons; in warmer

weather, it also insulates against invasive

heat. Its use in a wall-to-wall application

actually increases the R-value, or

insulation level, of the carpeted area.

While the improvement may be modest,

with today's skyrocketing energy costs,

even a slight increase in R-value is


Moreover, some carpet backings can

add to the insulation capability of carpet.

Backings like SoftBac® Platinum from

Shaw, a leading floor covering

manufacturer, enhance the carpet's

existing R-value. Construction of SoftBac

begins with the traditional open weave

fabric that is then encapsulated with a

soft fleece felt, providing another

insulation layer as well as providing extra

comfort underfoot.

Beyond its potential value in actually

reducing heating costs, carpet also

enhances the perception of comfort and

warmth. Everyone knows that it's a much

more pleasant sensation to step barefoot

out of bed on a cold morning onto carpet

than onto any other type of surface.

Carpet also reduces a home's noise

level, eliminating or muffling distracting

clatter. Carpeted rooms absorb and

contain noise, offering a greater degree

of privacy from room to room. Soft

underfoot, carpet also provides a

comfortable, non-slip walking surface that

reduces leg fatigue. Perhaps more

important, a resilient layer of carpet

minimizes the danger of injury from falls

and accidents.

Another, often overlooked advantage

of carpet is its ability to improve indoor

air quality. EPA scientists have concluded

that carpet can be beneficial in trapping

and immobilizing potential allergycausing

particulates, preventing them

from reentering the indoor air stream, if

the carpet is properly cleaned and

maintained. Similar results have been

obtained in a number of other studies

conducted in recent years.The Carpet

and Rug Institute (CRI) explains the

research: "... clean, dry,well-maintained

carpet actually improves air quality.

Carpet acts as a trap for airborne particles

grounded through natural gravity.

Professional Testing Labs (an independent

industry laboratory) studied the distribution

of airborne dust associated with

normal activities on hard and soft

flooring surfaces.Their findings showed

that walking on hard surfaces disturbed

more particles.These particles became

airborne and entered the breathing zone.

In contrast, carpeted surfaces trapped

more particles so that walking disturbed

fewer particles. Result: less dust in the

breathing zone over carpeted floors."

Of course, as with any interior

furnishing, appropriate cleaning is

required.This includes regular

vacuuming, removal of spots and spills,

and periodic overall cleaning. Shaw

recommends using the hot-water

extraction method, often referred to as

"steam cleaning," although no steam is

actually generated. Shaw's research

indicates that this method provides the

best capability for cleaning.

Carpet Value

Carpet is a remarkably durable and

practical floor covering.Technological

advances in everything from fiber to

backing enable carpet manufacturers to

offer products suitable for virtually any

residential or commercial setting "

indoors or out!

It is important to recognize that

carpet is also an exceptional value and, in

general, is significantly less expensive

than other floor coverings. Best of all,

carpet is a beautiful home furnishing that

can add elegance, comfort, and fashion to

any setting. Extremely versatile, carpet is

available in an extraordinary selection of

styles, patterns, and colors. From solid,

formal cut piles and shags to natural, loop

pile Berbers and patterned cut/loop

styles, carpet affords unlimited decorating


Carpet can serve as a neutral

backdrop that complements other

furnishings, or it can make a statement as

the focal point of a decor.The only truly

three-dimensional floor covering, carpet

offers textural possibilities that other hard

surfaces lack.

Value, comfort, safety, beauty ... it's

little wonder that carpet has outsold

every other floor covering for almost

fifty years.


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