Get Serious about Outdoor Living

Now is the time to start planning your

space, making repairs and lightening up

your home for summer. Here at The

Home Show Design Center,we are ready

to introduce you to exceptionally trained

specialists in every aspect of home

improvement, who will work closely with

you, and personalize your experience to

ensure the highest quality and customer

service you expect when making

significant changes to your home.

Consider what you want, what you

need, what you can afford and what you

have room for, and you will create your

own personal destination space for

entertaining guests. You can get big style

from a small space through careful

design. Intelligent choices can result in

both beauty and function.

Enliven your home and enjoy the days

of summer with a few moderate changes.

Remove any dark adornments such as

pillows, blankets, area rugs and window

treatments. You may even consider more

dramatic changes by modifying the color

of your dining room, kitchen cabinets or

changing the type of flooring in any

room to open it up. Our Design Center is

your resource center where you can

choose all your interior and exterior

finishes, and we'll help you decorate

rooms with paint, color fabric and


Here are a few things you can do to

change or update accessories for the

summer. Drape sheer cloths or summer

floral fabric on a side table. Place a faux

plant or a water fountain into your

fireplace pit. Maybe purchase new

covers for your throw pillows, choosing

lightweight, blossomy fabric. Replace

any heavy rugs with new, lightweight

ones. Choose a summer theme, such as

fruits, flowers, insects, or oceanic. Get

rid of those leafless, brown house plants

you have been trying to bring back to

life. Purchase fresh, flowering new ones

and welcome the summer!

Add character to plain walls and

consider adding a fresh coat of paint in

warm, summery colors to a hallway or

bedroom. Put a sparkle in your bath and

update the decor or replace your fixtures.

Stencil a pattern onto your bathroom

windows for privacy. We will assist

you in choosing the proper paint for this

simple project. Don't be overwhelmed

by all the options and possibilities. Our

specialists can assist you with choosing

colors for easy, harmonizing touches.

Fanciful colors revive a bathroom or

bedroom into a playful retreat.

Tile can be a smart option for

upgrading hardworking surfaces in the

kitchen, bath or laundry room.You can

create interesting, one-of-a-kind tile

patterns in a range of colors, textures,

shapes and designs. Collaborate with our

specialists for the most personal results.

Even if you have already started

decorating a room or your entire home, if

you'd like additional help, stop by our

Design Center. Through our FREE

Personal Customer Evaluation,we are

able to qualify you and your home

improvement project or new home

construction, which is managed by our

CEO/Executive Producer, Bob Principe.

This evaluation helps us to understand

the structural conditions, required

materials, and specifications that will

relate to your personal project. It also

allows us to understand your lifestyle,

objectives, personal scheme, and the

direction in which your project will go.

Use colorful accessories on the wall to

make a personal statement, such as

portraits and paintings.

As the weather warms up, more

people gather outdoors for summer

entertainment. There's nothing better

than shade on a hot day. Our experts will

inform you on everything you'll need to

know about all of the possibilities to

achieve the outdoor living space of your

dreams. Make the most of the shade

around your home by adding plants that

have beautiful foliage, texture and form.

You can create an inviting shade garden!

This is also the perfect time to add new

color and fragrance to your garden.

Brighten the dark corners in your yard by

adding accent plants and flowers.

Consider color and variation, as well as

lighting, to make sure you are placing the

right plant in the right place. You can

make a big statement in a small outdoor

space by creating a "container garden,"

and choose containers made from stone,

cement or even light-weight plastic.

Blend a stucco design into your deck

with mixed-materials planters, such as

stucco and brick. Stucco is durable and

weather-resistant - perfect for outdoors!

Backyard rooms provide private

sanctuaries for family and friends, and

offer a mini vacation from the hustle and

bustle of the main house. What if you

could create a paradise right outside your

back door? With a few fixes, you can

transform a shady space at the back of

your house into a charming hidden oasis.

No matter how you want to use your yard

(as a place to relax, entertain, enjoy a

view, have fun with the kids) you'll want

to define the space. We know you'll find

plenty of ideas right here at The Home

Show Design Center that will be perfect

for your landscape.

Improve your outdoor living space

with a custom-designed deck for

entertaining family and friends. Our

experts will help you design a deck to

your desired size, shape and color. Then

spruce it up by adding levels, stairs and

railings. You may even consider adding

an outdoor room for a more intimate

open-air amenity. Don't forget to

decorate your summer outdoor space

with furniture, plants and accessories!

(soft pillows, all-weather draperies, etc)

When you're decorating, look for allweather

fabrics, which are becoming as

exciting and sophisticated as interior


Add a few paths, planting beds,

retaining walls, and perhaps a patio or

two to your outdoor haven. Water brings

a wonderful dimension to your

landscape, so you may consider a

waterfall, a quiet pond or some other

relaxing water feature. Water works its

magic on any garden, providing a focal

point and soothing to the soul. Think

about some features in your yard that you

want to change. With a little hard work

and creativity, you can turn them into

beautiful focal points in your yard.Any

enhancements you make to your

landscape will add permanent value and

beauty to your home. We have

contractors who can help you with the

installation of your landscape project.

We can also help you understand what

hardscape materials are available for your

project, how much you'll need, and so on.

In the evenings, highlight your home's

architectural or garden features with

outdoor lighting schemes. When

planning your exterior lighting, it is

necessary to examine your lifestyle and

how you plan on using the space. There

are thousands of fixture styles and a

broad range of illuminations available

today. Remember that natural looking,

less intrusive fixtures are in.Think soft

bronzes and refined styling. Hide fixtures

so they're not visible during the day;

rocks and plants help. Leave coils of wire

around fixtures so lighting can be

adjustable and flexible. Find a focal point

such as a path or a beautiful tree to

highlight. Space walkway lights five to

eight feet apart. Be sure buried wiring is

protected from chewing animals. Fiber

optic lighting is increasingly becoming a

popular choice because of its safety. It

can also be used for water gardens and

pools. Lighting designers typically use

four main kinds of outdoor lighting to get

the most beneficial lighting: Uplighting,

when the fixtures are aimed upwards for

accent and drama; Downlighting, used to

illuminate large areas or define a

pathway; Zonal Lighting, which highlights

individual objects and plants, and finally

Moonlighting, a natural effect, evoking

light cast by a full moon, fixtures are

often mounted in trees, with a mix of

uplighting and downlighting.

Whatever project you may be

considering for outdoors, you can turn

your patio into an extravagant

entertainment center with dining areas

and extensive seating for guests, or a

luxurious spa complete with a hot tub,

swimming pool, and shady cabana. The

possibilities are endless!

Here at The Home Show Design

Center,we know that your home is the

biggest investment you'll ever make.

Over the last nine (9) years of Bob

Principe being the home improvement

correspondent to the news and the host

of The Home Show, he has identified the

who's-who in construction and supply.

Bob has opened The Home Show Design

Center so you don't have to go to several

different locations to pick out your

granite, tile, lighting, appliances,

countertops, or cabinets. We can help

you with your new home construction

from the ground up, showing the process

every step of the way.

We are dedicated to quality and to

keeping our clients well informed in all

aspects of home improvement.We work

with many different budgets and styles.

We have just completed the set of our

show! It has been put on the market and

is ready to be sold! Photos of this

beautiful home can be seen on our web

page at as well as

sponsor information of all the companies

that have done work to this home. The

following are some of the amenities this

fine home has to offer: New 50-year

Owens-Corning roof, all new AMSCO

windows, all new plumbing and fixtures,

Radiant Heat (Munchkin boiler), Italian

porcelain tile (casa dulce casa), Kitchen

Craft cabinets, Main kitchen: GE

Monogram appliances, In-law kitchen: GE

Profile appliances, 120 yards

stamped/stained concrete, new acrylic

and stucco, new pump house with new

pump, heater, filter system and automatic

chemical injection system, all new

urethane sprayed insulation, all new

landscape: curbing, irrigation, pavers,

plants,fire pit, putting green, all new sod,

lighting through-out interior/exterior,

premium cultured stone - exterior, Solid

Interior Doors, a new deck and spa,

new garage door & opener, home theater

through-out with speaker system, custom

old-world texture, custom interior

painting, and faux painting.

The Tahoe Home Show with Bob

Principe is our half-hour home

improvement television program. We also

feature news tips to help you with your

personal home projects. Be sure to check

us out online at

for more information on The Home

Show's Tahoe Edition, the Reno Edition,

our Sponsors and advertising

opportunities.You can also view our

photo gallery and upcoming news and

information. Be sure to "meet our staff"

here at The Home Show and contact us if

you have any questions. Bring your vision

to life at The Home Show Design Center.

We make home improvements fun!


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