Letter placed on residents' doors in the neighborhood surrounding the prison

Editor's Note: This letter was placed on residents' doors in the neighborhood surrounding the prison. No one has claimed responsibility for its writing or posting.

As correctional officers at Nevada State Prison, it is our obligation to inform you, the public, that we feel that we can no longer assure your safety.

Nevada State Prison has currently increased its security level from a medium security prison to a high medium security prison. With that, NSP has received several more inmates, many of which are gang members. On May 23, a fight broke out where a prison inmate was beaten with rocks. This caused the prison to be locked down for one week. This could be a sign of things to come.

Currently, meaningful communications between the administration and the officers have broken down. The newly appointed administration has come in and levied a heavy-handed management approach that has created a rift between the management and the officers.

In order to guarantee your safety, it is essential that management and officers communicate effectively and efficiently. Currently that is not happening, and as a result a very dangerous situation exists.

This is information that the Nevada Department of Corrections won't divulge to you, however, as officers at Nevada State Prison we feel you, our neighbors, should be informed.

If this concerns you please call Warden Bill Donat at 887-3462.


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