Summer Calls for a Clear View of the Outdoors

One of the biggest home

maintenance tasks of the summer just

got easier, with a few points of practical

advice on the proper cleaning of windows

and doors.

Warm weather and long days are the

perfect time to clean off grime and

achieve a sparkling view to the outdoors.

JELD-WEN, a leading manufacturer of

reliable windows and doors, offers this

practical advice.

"The most important thing to

remember when cleaning windows and

patio doors is to use gentle, soft materials

that won't harm surfaces," said Brian

Hedlund, product marketing manager for

JELD-WEN windows. "A dry, overcast day

works best because intense sunlight can

cause streaks as the cleaning solution

dries too quickly."

For window and door surfaces, follow

these simple steps:

1. Use a combination of gentle

ingredients to clean glass, window

frames and door surfaces. Mix one

teaspoon of baby shampoo to one

gallon of water or 1 1/2 cups of

vinegar to one gallon of water.

2. Wash with the solution using a clean,

soft cloth or sponge.

3. Rinse with clean water. Don't use

pressurized sprayers that can break


4. Promptly dry glass surfaces

thoroughly with a cloth.

5. Dry window frames and door surfaces

with a separate cloth.

Be wary of shortcuts that hurt instead

of help.Avoid power washers, metal tools,

razor blades or other objects that can

break seals, scratch glass and remove

exterior glass coatings.Always be gentle.

Don't allow aggressive cleaners to come

in contact with vinyl,wood or metal-clad

surfaces. Cleanliness counts. Be sure to

clean up puddles that collect at glass

edges, as this can damage window


Cleaning Exterior Finishes

1. Mild soap and water and a soft sponge

or cloth is the simplest and safest way

to clean exterior finishes like wood,

metal-clad surfaces, vinyl, plastic and


2. Always rinse and wipe dry

immediately after cleaning.

3. Metal-clad and brass surfaces benefit

from a protective coating of highquality

car wax after cleaning.

As a general rule, avoid vinegar and

citrus-based solutions, paint removers,

harsh or abrasive cleaners on exterior


Cleaning Insect Screens

1. Remove screen. Most have springloaded

pins or tabs. Patio door screens

can be lifted up off their tracks.

2. Place screen into a tub or shower stall

if indoors, or on a hard surface


3. Gently spray the screen with water.

4. Brush lightly with a soft bristle tool

until clean. For stubborn dirt, a mild

soap and water solution can be used.

5. Rinse clean.

6. Replace the screen when dry.


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