Water Gardens Create a Sanctuary for the Senses

The love of the trickling

sound of water dates back to early

civilization when settling near naturallyoccurring

water sources was needed to

sustain life. Once cities began forming

away from oceans, rivers and other water

supplies, the appreciation for its innate

beauty, calming effects and salubrious

properties were longed for. Today, the

long-standing art of water gardening

thrives among homeowners eager to

maintain these aesthetic benefits.

With spring in full bloom, now is the

perfect time to augment the natural

beauty of a well-manicured lawn or one

in need of attention. Ranging from a

simple tabletop fountain to an elaborate

pond,water features become focal design

elements for any yard or garden needing

an added touch of movement, life, and

tranquility. Most high-impact, visuallystimulating

water features are budgetfriendly

and easy to do yourself whether

a novice gardener, seasoned green

thumb or any skill-level between.

"Backyard ponds create a sanctuary

for the senses, from the soothing sounds

of running water to the eye-pleasing

sight of a beautifully crafted project,"

says Larissa Gleason, marketing manager

of Beckett Corporation. "The whole

family can enjoy the process of building

a pond together and, with the wide array

of pond kits available at national retailers,

even first-time water gardeners can

successfully complete a project."

Beckett, a leading manufacturer of

water gardening products, offers the

following tips for creating a pond. Before

heading out to the yard with shovel in

tow, take some time to design and plan

the project. Look through past vacation

pictures and peruse magazines for

inspiration. With a vision in mind, begin

scoping out a place to incorporate the

pond. Avoid choosing a spot directly

under a tree. While picturesque, falling

leaves and bark would require that the

pond be cleaned frequently. Also, be sure

to check for underground wiring and

other utility lines when looking for the

pond's location. After finding the perfect

area, prepare to embark on your pond


Based on the shape of the pond, begin

the project by choosing an appropriate

liner. While flexible liners afford greater

versatility in regards to shape and size,

preformed liners take much of the

guesswork out of digging a hole.

Installing a Beckett 35-gallon Preformed

Pond Liner can be achieved in just a few

easy steps. First, dig a hole to

accommodate the liner that is slightly

deeper so it sits level with the ground.

With the liner in place, be certain that it

fits tightly into the hole, and use loose

dirt to backfill any gaps. Place a level

across the top of the liner, checking that

it's even in all directions.

With the base of the pond complete,

additional embellishments such as

waterfalls and streams will further

enhance its visual appeal. Beckett offers

a Waterfall Kit that is complete with all

parts and step-by-step instructions

needed for constructing a flowing

cascade and stream. For a natural flow of

water and an eye-catching drop, the

waterfall should be elevated at least 10

inches above the surface of the pond.

Lastly, complete the project by adding

the final touches. Use artistic creativity to

fulfill the vision by securing slate, rocks

and pebbles using high-quality waterfall

foam from Beckett. Bring the pond to life

by adding plants, such as water lilies,

floating moss or water ferns, and fish

such as goldfish or Koi. With the last

component in place, sit back and enjoy

the soothing sounds of a flowing oasis.


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