Kiteboarding crash victim identified

The victim of a kiteboarding accident in Washoe Valley on Sunday has been identified.

Bruce Sato, 45, of Truckee, died as a result of multiple injuries sustained in the accident, said Washoe County Deputy Coroner Steve Woods.

According to Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Randy Felter, Sato and a friend had been kiteboarding at the North Boat Ramp of Washoe Lake for about three hours when Sato hitched onto his kite.

He was about to step onto his board and a gust of wind hit about 4:30 p.m.

Felter said the gust caught the kite, similar to a parachute and lifted Sato at least 100 feet into the air.

Upon coming down, Sato crashed into a vehicle and then onto the parking lot.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kiteboarding involves using a large kite to pull a small board across water, snow or land.

Felter said Washoe Lake is a popular destination for kiteboarders.


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