Computer glitch knocks out NDOT radio system

The 800 MHz radio system that serves the Nevada Highway Patrol and other state agencies, was partly disabled for several hours Thursday morning.

Robert Chisel, of the Nevada Department of Transportation, which operates the system, said the problem occurred when the computer programming that manages the system was being upgraded.

"We're upgrading the software which runs the system," he said, adding that the process would continue into Saturday.

Chisel said there was still communication between troopers and dispatch - just not the complete linking system the 800 system is designed to provide.

"There was a problem with patching calls. We couldn't bring talk groups together, but they were still able to talk trooper to dispatch," he said.

The call saying the system was down came about 10 a.m. Chisel said the system was back on line by 1 p.m.

He said the problem was that part of the upgraded software was unable to work with another part of the old software.

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