Developers to provide Mound House sewer system

A development company will design and build a new sewer system that will take flows from Mound House through Dayton to the new Rolling A Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Lyon County commissioners have agreed to reimburse Bill Miles and Phil Cooey, of Diamond Back Properties, $100,000 for a preliminary engineering report the developers provided. Shaw Engineering and Lumos and Associates engineering prepared the report.

Mike Workman, Lyon County Utilities director, told the commissioners that having Diamond Back Properties build the sewer system, with his office providing "strong supervision" was the best option for Mound House residents.

Workman said the project will be a "backbone" collector system on the south side of Highway 50 to transfer waste to the Dayton sewer system.

Workman told the commissioners that this plan was the best and most affordable option to improve service to Mound House. He said building a plant in Mound House or sending waste to Carson City were too expensive.

"In looking at who would benefit most from a sewer system, we decided the developers would," he said. "So we decided that the developers should take the lead with strong oversight by our office."

Workman said the backbone pipeline would utilize lift stations to push the flow through to Dayton.

He said there were no problems with nitrates in the Mound House septic systems, however, any future development would need a sewer system.

"This will open up development and open up densities in commercial development," he said.

Workman said the cost would be recouped through future connection fee revenues.

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