Third time is a charm for flea market

Are you always tripping on that aged pair of skis in the garage? How about that beach umbrella that has a better chance of being crushed by a vehicle than seeing the sun? After all, it's the end of spring cleaning. Don't panic. Remember: "One person's junk is another person's treasure."

True words from Kathryn Clark, who is organizing Western Nevada Community College's Shabby and Chic Flea Market on Saturday. It is hard to go wrong where finding a treasure for your taste is highly probable and a fantastic time falls comfortably in your lap. This wonderful event, which is in its third year running, truly benefits the community by helping the college to provide incredible services to students who go back into our community.

This year is quite special, a need-to-see event by reason of the talent pool that has been assembled for the market.

Kim Coker is one of the special talents, and she specializes in quilts. Her quilts are made from flannel which she characterizes as "very comforting even in the summer." The next specialist is one Donna Ashby, and she is making some impressive jewelry for the event. "I make custom jewelry of a higher grade than you can find in the common market, i.e., precious stones and pearls."

Guys, think about it - this is your chance to buy that special gift for that special person in your life at a favorable price. This is a once-a-year opportunity that you will not regret taking a few minutes or more for your own advantage.

You will need to be aware of some extra details to participate or find those special items that we all deserve every now and then.

This Shabby and Chic event happens from 7 a.m.Ð2 p.m. Saturday in the north parking lot of the Carson Campus, 2201 W. College Parkway. Remember those times as you would not want to miss a gander of the experience.

More than two dozen vendors will be on hand hawking their wares. Admission is free, and vendors can rent space for $20. For information or to reserve a space, contact Clark at 445-3260.

• Jeffrey Rogers is a recent graduate of Western Nevada Community College. He writes a monthly column for 411.


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