'Upbeat' dads honored this Father's Day

This Father's Day, nine dads have been recognized by the Lyon County District Attorney's office for taking their responsibilities seriously and providing for their children through support payments.

They are: Lyon County: Matt Wilson, Charles Roe, Frank Serpa, Joseph De Braga, Albert Torres, David Vincent, Jeremy Scollard, Robert Verso and Kyle Tenbrink.

The recognition comes in honor of Father's Day through the Nevada Attorney General's Office and the Nevada Division of Child Support Enforcement.

"Child support payments are the most obvious means of providing for children, and many parents making them - and making them on time - struggle to do so," said Deputy Attorney General Donald Winne. "It costs the state many times over when children are not supported financially by those responsible, so to those who do, we'd like to say thanks."

Attorney General George Chanos adds, "Father's Day is a day set aside to recognize the important contributions made by those who act as caring, compassionate and contributing parents. To all those fathers who do care and who do contribute, of which there are many, we thank you."

The Nevada Department of Justice publishes this message each Father's Day. "We feel that although it is our duty to find and prosecute parents who don't live up to their obligation and commitment, it is also important to recognize those who do."

Comments from the Lyon County dads include:

"I feel it's important to remain part of my children's lives to help teach them and prepare them for the future. And to promote love and respect." - Matt Wilson

"Being a parent is not only a huge obligation, it is the most rewarding and challenging part of my life. Being a parent is truly a pleasure and my children are a gift to be treasured." - Charles Roe

"I want to be part of shaping my child's life. I believe it's important." - Frank Serpa

"No matter what happens between parents, it's not the children's fault. They deserve to have the love and devotion just like any other. My kids mean the world to me!!" - Joseph De Braga

"It's very important to stay involved in your children's life in order to help them become good, well-balanced people. The money spent in support of your child helps to make life easier and brings more opportunities, but the time you spend with your child is priceless and is what they remember long after the money has been spent." - Albert Torres

"I feel it is important to be part of the child's life because regardless of whether a relationship with the other parent is lasting or not, it is so important to make sure your child knows that he/she is loved unconditionally and that as their parent, you support them in every way." - David Vincent

"It is not a burden but your responsibility to care for your child or children." - Jeremy Scollard

"Children only grow up once and there is so much an absent a parent can miss. I love being a part of my children's lives. They change everyday and learn new things everyday. Right now, I am enjoying every minute I have with each of my children. My daughter is turning into a young woman and her personality changes with her mood. My son and I play football, baseball and basketball every chance we get. I feel it takes both parents to teach their children how to become good students in school and a two-parent relationship makes everyone happy. I am so glad to not miss an opportunity of watching my children to become responsible adults." - Robert Verso

"Children are the definition of innocence. They did not choose, nor are they the reason, for Mom and Dad to not be together. They do deserve, more than anything, that both parents make every effort to provide a safe, happy, healthy and educational childhood." - Kyle Tenbrink

The Carson Valley Boys & Girls Club got a helping hand from some Little Leaguers on Saturday.

Led by a suggestion from her 10-year-old son Vincent Garcia, Toni Perez, of Indian Hills, has been photographing Little League players and then selling the photos to their parents. She raised a little more than $100 and on Saturday donated the proceeds to the club that is in the beginning stages of formation in the Carson Valley.

"I'm just trying to help them get started," Perez said. "Kids need something in the Gardnerville area."


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