Lyon County to shelter Storey pooches

Dog owners in Storey County whose pets get loose now have a long way to go to get them back.

Storey County Sheriff Jim Miller has asked Lyon County officials to provide emergency shelter for Storey's loose or stray dogs at the county's Silver Springs facility until a shelter in Virginia City can be replaced.

Miller said the previous four-cage kennel on Mill Street was torn down because it was encroaching on a neighboring privately owned lot.

Under the agreement, Lyon County will receive $300 a month to care for up to five dogs; with additional charges if more than five dogs are impounded. Miller said the agreement only covered dogs.

Miller said that if a dog is licensed, deputies do try to find the owner, but warned that repeat offenders will be cited.

"So mend your fence or keep them on a leash," he said.

Miller added that Storey County residents would have to pay Lyon's impound fees to get their dog back.

Ted Bolzle, Lyon County animal control supervisor, said the cost is a $25 impound fee and $6 for each day the dog is at the shelter.

Bolzle said when an owner is located, they have seven days to reclaim their pet, after which it becomes the property of the county and can be placed for adoption.

If an owner cannot be found, the dog can be placed for adoption after five days. He added that Lyon County policy is not to euthanize adoptable pets.

"Our goal is not to put a dog down unless it is ill," he said. "We always have a supply of good dogs."

Lyon County Manager Donna Kristaponis said she approved that the agreement was open ended.

"It allows each of us to get out of it and if it goes on a long time, there's a reconsideration clause so that if costs go up, we can capture those," she said.

Lyon County commissioners have not yet approved the agreement, though Storey County commissioners have.

"They (Storey County) had a critical crisis need," Kristaponis said. "We're just being good neighbors."

Miller had another warning saying any dogs found to be vicious will be taken to Carson City Animal Control to be put down.

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