St. Teresa principal fired

Rick Redican will not be returning for a sixth year as principal of St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School.

"Leaving St. Teresa wasn't my choice," Redican, 60, said. "They didn't renew my contract for next year."

His dismissal remained secret until the end of school in early June. He told his staff during the last week of school, and letters went home to alert parents of his dismissal.

"(Staff members) were very upset," he said. "I was planning on coming back. It was unexpected."

Father Jerry Hanley, who oversees both the school and the church, including employee contracts, would not comment why Redican was released from his contract.

"Rick Redican is a good and wonderful man, but there's nothing I can say about anything," he said. "This is a personnel matter and personnel matters are private."

Redican would not comment either, saying questions should be directed to Hanley.

The pastor of the church makes decisions about contracts, according to Kitty Bergin, superintendent for the Reno Diocese. There is no oversight or review committee.

"Ultimately under Canon Law, the leader of the parish is responsible for parish employees," Bergin said.

Hanley said Redican could appeal to the Reno Diocese to which St. Teresa belongs. But according to Bergin, the sole grounds for recourse are for violation of a policy or terms of an agreement.

"Non-renewal of an employee agreement does not constitute the basis for an appeal," she said.

Staff are aware contracts are year-to-year.

"Parishes operate with a lot of autonomy when it comes to the governance and operations of the parish," she said.

During his tenure at St. Teresa, Redican helped acquire a new science room and science equipment for the school, as well as landscaping for school grounds.

Jenn King, a parent of a St. Teresa kindergartner, received a letter saying Redican would not be back.

"What impressed me about him most was he would answer any questions, and he always made time for you," she said. "The staff loved him and appreciated him. I liked him, the kids really loved him, and the teachers and staff were sad to see him leave."

Redican said he had not had a review during his five years at St. Teresa and thought he was doing fine.

Redican started at St. Teresa five years ago, after retiring from the Carson City School District with 33 years of service. Under his direction, an ethics program and the Discipline with Purpose program started. He worked to maintain a positive and open relationship with the Carson City School District, he said.

He became vice principal of Bordewich-Bray Elementary School in 1993 and stayed there until retirement in 2001.

"(St. Teresa) is a great school and there's a lot of great kids," he said. "We have made a lot of academic achievement with the kids."

Redican said he plans to enjoy his second retirement, and will go to work for his wife's autobody shop in Reno. He does not plan to seek an appeal.

Redican has lived in Carson City since 1957, and attended both junior high and high school here. He attended the University of Nevada, Reno, and received bachelor's degrees in biology and physical education. He received a master's degree in school administration from UNR in 1979.

"He was wonderful with children," Hanley said. "I wish him very, very much good."

St. Teresa has 164 students. Although teachers are not required to be Catholic, the principal is. Contracts run for one year, and there is no tenure.

"We're going through the normal (hiring) process," Hanley said. "We're doing what anybody would do when they're looking for somebody."

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