Streets, sewers, storm drains undergoing improvements

Drivers will see a slew of public works projects going on around the city starting today.

An array of other projects is continuing, or should begin during the coming weeks, worth an estimated $30 million total. This includes the Sheriff's Administration Building at an estimated $10.5 million.

"Fire, snow, flood - those things have kept us from doing our capital projects," said Andrew Burnham, the city's development services director. "The number of projects is huge."

Some of the projects are seasonal; others are just necessary or have reached the top of the city's to-do list, said John Benzing, senior engineer for development services.

These are some projects going on this week:

• The southeast sewer extension project will impact Valley View Drive from Edmonds to Conte drives, Conte Drive from Valley View to Clearview drives, Clearview Drive from Edmonds to Conte drives, and Conte Drive from Bennett Avenue to Hudson Drive. Traffic controls will be used throughout the job, which is targeted to conclude Sept. 6.

The $800,000 project will consist of laying 4,100 feet of sewer line because "people in that area are having failing sewer systems," Benzing said.

"We have been trying to get to this project for some time," he said. "Lines are being installed as money is available to do it."

• The Timberline and Combs Canyon stormwater drainage project begins. Traffic controls will be in effect on Combs Canyon Road between Ormsby Boulevard and Murphy Drive and on the intersection of Murphy Drive at Van Patten Avenue, when works occurs. The target completion date is Dec. 15.

Rocks have been placed in the area for some time to protect the coming detention basin, berm, pipe, ditches and outlet structures.

When completed, it will direct storm water away from Western Nevada Community College and University Heights and send it toward the freeway stormwater channels. The project will cost $2.2 million.

• The 2006 slurry-seal project is ongoing in the central and southern parts of the city. Residences and businesses on the 30 miles of streets to be slurried will receive at least 48 hours' notice of the work. Streets will be effected for four hours the day slurry is placed. Completion is scheduled for Aug. 5.

The city is playing catch up with slurry work, and has started to work toward eliminating its two-year backlog, Burnham and Benzing said.

For slurry to be its most effective, the work needs to be done in any given area once every eight years, both men said.

Two other projects still unfolding but not being done by the city are the Roop Street-Hot Springs construction, which will continue through August; and construction on the Carson City Freeway.

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Other upcoming city-improvement projects

• Utility-relocation projects for Phase 2A of freeway include work on Fifth Street, Highway 50, Fairview Drive and Colorado Street, for a total cost of $10 million. Work should begin in the fall.

• Fairview Drive will be expanded from Roop Street to the new freeway alignment. Work will begin this fall, for a cost of $4.5 million. Overlay work on Fairview from Roop to Carson Street will begin in July, and cost $140,000.

• Saliman Road from Fifth to Long streets will receive overlay work, a mid-block pedestrian crossing, and other pedestrian and disabled-user improvements, at a cost of $800,000.

• Governors Field parking lot will be improved for a cost of $600,000, and should begin in July.

• Clearview Drive at Carson Street will improve the intersection by street widening and signal modifications for a cost of $550,000, and should begin in September.

- Source: Carson City Public Works


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