Cast of heroes during fires not limited to firefighters

The major heroes from the recent rash of fires in Northern Nevada have been the firefighters.

They accomplished an amazing feat in keeping the flames from burning down a single home or business.

But there's another cast that deserves special mention in the wake of the fires - the businesses, neighbors, friends and even strangers who pulled together to help whenever there was a need.

Some prime examples were the construction and mine employees who worked to build fire breaks and water down homes along Linehan Road that were at risk. Had the winds swept the fire in that direction, their selfless work could have been the difference that kept a family from losing all its belongings.

Others stepped up in many ways.

While more than a hundred homes were evacuated, only 15 people had to use the shelter at Dayton High School. The majority of the rest found refuge with friends and relatives during a very stressful time.

Another woman reported that people she did not even know showed up at her home to help evacuate, and we're sure there are many more similar examples, both small and large.

Said Karla Norris of the Bureau of Land Management: " Everyone in the community has turned out to help the local fire effort. We could not do this job without the support of the community."


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