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Letters to the editor Dec. 29

Garage band destroying his peace and quiet Once again, I sit down to enjoy my unwinding after a long work day.

Gettin' lucky in the new year

You may have noticed that for a lot of people the year 2010 was not so good. With rising unemployment, falling home values, and a government paralyzed by bickering, a hopeful outlook has been tough to muster. So I say it's time to take matters into our own hands. Shape our own future. Make our own good fortune for the new year. How? By eating black-eyed peas.

An easy souffle that won't deflate your ego

Nothing is more indulgent, more impressive or more intimidating than a souffle.

Monday, December 27

Letters to the editor Dec. 28

Checks and balances of two-party system works

RON KNECHT: Nevada Higher Education: Well-rounded, inexpensive and improving

Today, some good news about Nevada higher education. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), which promotes high standards and real education reform (not politically correct fads, nor just mindlessly throwing money at schools), assigns Nevada's state college and universities a B grade in a national ranking.

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Memories made at cookie exchanges

How can 30 years go by so fast? This past Monday was my 30th annual Cookie Exchange and my last. It's been a joyful ride and I've loved most all of it. We've celebrated births, graduations, promotions, retirement and given support when those we loved passed on. After thousands of cookies it seems like we've made them all. I should have kept all the recipes but we started in the days before computers and back then we were lucky to get the 14 dozen cookies baked and in some kind of container.

Spice up the holidays

The holidays are trying times for adventurous cooks. The urge to experiment on the culinary front collides head on with hard-wired family traditions. If your tribe is expecting that green-bean casserole - you know, the one with those crunchy French's fried onions - you will face mutiny if you try to substitute a dish of haricot verts Lyonnaise. At the holidays, people will fight to the death to make sure that Aunt Sue's mincemeat pie is on the table, even though no one actually likes it.

Monday, December 20

Letters to the editor Dec. 21

Legitimate reasons for opposing health bill

The magic of Christmas lives, no matter where you are

There is something about the Christmas season that makes everyone believe in the possibilities just a little bit more. It doesn't matter what part of the country, the magic happens everywhere.

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Cars making a comeback: New models, easier credit helped lift auto sales in 2010

A substantial rise in taxable sales of motor vehicles and auto parts in September points to a recovery in the auto market for dealerships in Carson City and Reno.

Health Care Reform impacts high-income individuals

Months have passed since President Obama signed into law the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("PPACA"), the 2,049-page health care reform bill containing major changes to the laws governing health insurance practices, Medicare, Medicaid and other tax provisions. The legislation is intended to rein in runaway health care spending that both its supporters and detractors agree threatens to cripple economic growth in the United States.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Small Business Adminstration launch new online tool

Small businesses interested in exporting now have a new online tool to help them tap into the global marketplace to grow their business.

Tax Tips: Undelivered tax refunds may arrive as Christmas gifts from Uncle Sam

IRS as Santa Claus? Believe it or not, the IRS is trying to give away $165 million. Actually, it is undelivered refund checks for the 2009 tax year (just ended Oct. 15. The IRS says that there are 111,893 taxpayers who are due a refund check who have moved and left no forwarding address.

Business Licenses for Dec. 19

The following are business licenses filed in Carson City between Nov. 22 and Dec. 10:

Business Briefs

ComputerCorps is moving ComputerCorps is moving from its east Carson City warehouse to a 40,000 square foot location at 550 Mallory Way.

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Simple yeast dough is family heirloom

When I think about food this time of year my mind immediately thinks of baked goods. Thanksgiving it's about the savory foods, but this time of year is about treats and baking. I am fairly new to baking, but I'm beginning to really like it more than I ever thought I would.

Try this festive burst of peppermint

Placed on a red or green cookie platter with a holiday bow, these cookies burst with holiday color and flavor. And they really do melt in your mouth.

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Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels: Carson High alums reach their goals

The Nevada Appeal's "Silver Dollar" and "Wooden Nickel" feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

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Letters to the editor Dec. 9

Rising sewer rates drive down local economy

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Health Inspections for Dec. 8

The following health inspections are for the period of Nov. 9-29:

Christmas traditions, old and new

Traditions are part of the Holidays: cutting a tree, gatherings of friends and family, big snows, skating parties, hot mulled wine, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies. Some traditions fade with age, but I still vividly remember the treks to cut a tree.

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Janice Ayres: Let's turn our energies to keeping senior citizens in their homes

Let's stop with the post-election cheap shots, shall we? Look at all the energy and hatred it takes to write all those nasty letters. Let's put these same energies towards helping our newly elected officials, especially our new governor, to get this state jump-started!

Eugene T. Paslov: Do not overlook fellow citizens at society's edges

Two recent articles in the Nevada Appeal raised red flags. The first was F.T. Norton's story, "Volunteers pay it forward," on Nov. 16.

Friday, December 3

Business owners evolve to adapt to changing markets

Even when construction was roaring in western Nevada, Judy and Jerry Brooks could see that printed blueprints weren't likely to continue driving growth of Nevada Blue, the reprographics company they launched in 1992.

Drew Simmons joins Nevada Appeal

Drew Simmons has been named the Nevada Appeal's lead advertising account manager.

Tax Tips: The benefits of e-filing your tax return

The IRS recently published some interesting statistics. In 2001 when they started the e-file (electronically filing over the Internet instead of mailing via the U.S. Postal Service) program, almost 31 percent of all tax returns filed were done via e-file. In 2010, that percentage had risen to almost 70 percent - 98,740,000 e-filed returns in 2010 to be exact.

Act now, reduce tax hit later

What does the future hold for U.S. taxpayers in 2011 and beyond? While there's no crystal ball to accurately answer that question, it's likely that Congress will tackle our taxes now that the midterm elections are behind us. And, with current tax and legislative headwinds trending toward higher personal income tax rates, it's time to talk taxes with your financial and tax professionals. Together, you can evaluate ways to potentially minimize your current tax situation and fend off future tax exposure - before 2010 ends.

Fitness program muscles up with licensing

A women's-only fitness program founded in Carson City is catching on with licensees who now operate locations in northern Nevada and neighboring states.

Private sector needs vital public sector to thrive

As Democrats and Republicans prepare for what will be a very difficult budget session, we need to remember that our state motto is Omnia Pro Patria, not Omnia Pro Party. We may have some fundamental disagreements, but for the good of the state we need to work together.

Business Licenses for Dec. 5

Business licenses filed in Carson City between Nov. 8-Nov. 19

Business Briefly for Dec. 5

Realtors group donates coats to Advocates

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