Stories for January 2010


Sunday, January 31

Saturday, January 30

Friday, January 29

Give to help Haiti now and deduct it on 2009 tax return

Much has been in the news about the horrible disaster in Haiti. Who hasn't seen the "Text to give $10 now" commercials over and over? Or commercials from the Red Cross, and various other non-profit charities.

Business Briefs Jan. 31

Marketing meeting for PR and business professionals planned

Growing business in Silver Springs

After builders started erecting them in October, a collection of plastic covered hanger-like structures now stand out like a sore thumb amid the snow-covered desert landscape near Silver Springs.

Thursday, January 28

Letters to the Editor Jan. 28

Sue Lowden offers no solutions to our problems

Commentary: At this critical juncture for Carson City, inaction is not an option

I read the article Friday in the Nevada Appeal regarding the "formal" position of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce on the Nugget redevelopment project.

Wednesday, January 27

Healthy and hearty Super Bowl chili

Beans may be good for you, but that doesn't mean every bowl of bean-rich chili is good for your diet.

A one-pot walkaway sort of meal for busy weekdays

Cheap, easy and good. It's the ultimate goal of any weeknight meal.

Spiced cookies with kick

Don't be afraid of the cayenne in these macaroons. These cookies are moist, rich and chewy, with just a hint of warmth.

Tuesday, January 26

LINDA MARRONE: Sorting recipes for the keepers

It's a new year and I'm always glad to see them come and see them go. I have high hopes of crossing off lots of things on my "to do" list this year. I don't know what makes me think I'll get more done this year than last, but I'm always hopeful.

Super Bowl calls for super nachos

If you're going to do nachos for the Super Bowl, they'd better live up to the hype of the big event. And so we give you a platter of double-layered nachos that combine ground beef and black beans with heaps of tomato, cheese, scallions, olives and jalapenos.

Monday, January 25

Sunday, January 24

Business leaders discuss job creation

Ideas ranging from opening a beef slaughterhouse to attracting more investment in renewable energy came from a forum on job creation at Western Nevada College this week.

Saturday, January 23

Friday, January 22

Investing in Gold by Allen Rowe: Yesterday's treasure or today's trap

Counterfeit coins have been around almost as long as coins themselves. In the early years most coins were only worth as much as the metal they were made of, so fakes were relegated to copies made with inferior metal to the original.

Business briefs Jan. 24

Super Burrito coming soon Reno-based Super Burrito will open a Carson City location by March, owner Patricia Favela said Thursday.

Family mission statement versus ethical will?

If you feel strongly enough to commit your values to writing, why not discuss them with your family now?

Reno hotels hustle for guests

A room-and-comp package rolled out a few days ago by Grand Sierra Resort in Reno serves as an indicator of the lengths some hotel properties in the region are willing to go to draw business during historically slow early-winter months.

Thursday, January 21

Wednesday, January 20

Tuesday, January 19

Get in culinary shape for the Winter Olympics

Let's face it, Canada may be a close neighbor, but most of us still are pretty clueless about what's going on up there.

Slide into good eats with luge-like zucchini sleds

There aren't a whole lot of foods that easily convey the high-speed downhill thrills of the luge. But you can at least get in the mood with these sausage and apple-stuffed zucchini sleds. Also try them topped with shredded cheese.

Easy quiche packed with feel good ingredients

With Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, bacon and puff pastry, this quiche sounds like a diet killer. But with 242 calories per serving, it actually isn't all that bad. And all those ingredients are so happiness-inducing, it's worth every calorie anyway.

Sauteed scallops for two

If you're watching your budget, you may not be eating as much fish or shellfish as you once did.

Monday, January 18

Sunday, January 17

Saturday, January 16

Friday, January 15

Business Licenses: Jan. 17

Business licenses issued in Carson City between Jan. 4 and Jan. 14.:

Tax Tips by Kelly Bullis: How to have business success in 2010

For this week's topic, I put my business coach hat on. First, some definitions.

Business Briefs Jan. 17

Area Jeep parts maker wins national recognition

SNMG marketing leader promoted

Lynette Cameron will serve as the director of audience engagement and marketing for the Sierra Nevada Media Group, the company announced earlier this month.

How high, how long? Commercial real estate vacancies expected to stay high through 2010

While the housing market could hit bottom this year, commercial real estate is expected to have a bleak 2010 no thanks to high vacancy rates and tight lending, industry insiders said Wednesday at the Builders Association of Northern Nevada annual forecast in Reno.

Thursday, January 14

Wednesday, January 13

Tuesday, January 12

Birthday cakes go gluten free

January is birthday month at my house. My "children" Jay and Audrey, who both have celiac disease, also both have their birthdays this month, and within two days of each other.

Think organic, sustainable, healthy and delicious to the last bite

We are living in a time when health is becoming an ever more important subject in our day-to-day lives. Over the last few years the term "organic" has been thrown around in relation to produce, agriculture and meats.

Monday, January 11

Sunday, January 10

Saturday, January 9

Letters to the Editor Jan. 10

We've heard that line before from Democrats

Commentary: An ironic ending to ACLU Christmas card drive

During the first week of December I received an e-mail urging me to send a Christmas card, one especially with religious overtones, to the New York headquarters of the American Civil Liberties Union, a national organization that advocates individual rights.

Commentary: Obama needs to get serious on War on Terror

"We are at war against al-Qaeda," President Obama finally admitted on Thursday. What took him so long?

Silver Dollars & wooden nickels: Carson and its neighbors deserve praise for water agreement

The Nevada Appeal's "Silver Dollar" and "Wooden Nickel" feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

Wholesale inventories, sales post strong November gains

WASHINGTON (AP) - Inventories held by wholesalers posted an unexpectedly strong gain in November while sales shot up by the largest amount in 10 months.

Workforce dropouts hold down unemployment rate

WASHINGTON - Nearly 2 million Americans have dropped out of the work force since last May - and if they hadn't, the unemployment rate would have risen a lot more dramatically over the last several months.

Consumer borrowing falls sharply in November

WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans borrowed less for a 10th consecutive month in November with total credit and borrowing on credit cards falling by the largest amounts on records going back nearly seven decades.

Free mortgage counseling Monday at Senior Center

Housing counselors from the Washoe County Senior Law Project will be at the Carson City Senior Center starting at 1 p.m. Monday to provide free assistance to those who are experiencing difficulty paying their mortgage.

Friday, January 8

Reported population decline sends ripples through business community

RENO - Reports that Nevada's population growth stalled - and possibly has even been thrown into reverse - came as no big surprise to many Northern Nevada businesses.

Carson Nugget stewardship building economic diversity

It's reasonable to ask how in this economy anyone can afford to build anything, let alone the pieces of a projected $80-million-plus Carson City center. The answer seems to lie in the counterintuitive notion that adversity brings opportunity.

Workforce development can attract new industries to state

Despite low taxes and favorable business environment, Nevada loses or does not attract many companies because much of the workforce lacks needed skills, said Rob Hooper, executive director of the Northern Nevada Development Authority.

Business Briefs Jan. 10

Attorney appointed chairman of court reporters panel

Thursday, January 7

Letters to the editor Jan. 8, 2010

Why is it legal for Reid to employ bribery?

Chuck Muth: It's a new year, but the same ol' liberal complaints

Dr. Eugene Paslov - fellow columnist and former Nevada superintendent of Nevada's failed public schools - inked a screed for the Appeal last weekend which began thusly: "The Congressional Republicans are getting ugly. They refuse to do what they were elected to do - negotiate, compromise and implement legislation."

Letters to the Editor 1/7

Nevada lost great man with Jim Padgett's passing

Commentary: Resolutions from the 'No, duh' department

Get this: The federal government is offering tips on New Year's resolutions.

Wednesday, January 6

Letters to the editor Jan. 7, 2010

An extraordinary man passed away Dec. 19 - Jim Padgett.

Resolutions from the 'No, duh' department

Get this: The federal government is offering tips on New Year's resolutions.