Stories for March 2010


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Sweet lemons make sunny treat

I can't believe spring has already sprung. Where does the time go? It seems as I get older I'm wasting more of it or at the least it just seems to be slipping by. I'm not near as driven to have every minute of my day filled and while it seems I always have something that needs to get done I'm OK if it doesn't.

Stuffed bread becomes snack, appetizer or dinner

Intended to resemble a bobsled, this large loaf of bread is stuffed with a blend of mushrooms and shallots. It also has cheese worked into the dough, and sprinkled on top for a golden crust. It works well with dinner, as well as sliced for a snack or appetizer.

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Reverse migration: Some Topsy Lane businesses finding lease deals in Carson City

A handful of small retailers from the Topsy Lane shopping center have relocated to Carson City locations in recent weeks, most to the Carson Mall, largely in search of lower rent as economic pressures continue to put the squeeze on business.

Conservationists criticize proposed north Tahoe resort

CRYSTAL BAY (AP) - A coalition of environmental groups is criticizing plans for a resort on Lake Tahoe's north shore, citing concerns over its size and impact on traffic.

Investing in Gold by Allen Rowe: Coins rejected in circulation, prized by collectors

Many can remember when the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) dollar debuted in 1979. The coin was about the same size as a quarter, had the same color, and what most would describe as an ugly design, plus it was easy to mistakenly pass out as a quarter if not focused on their change. With waning popularity and people grumbling that it was too confusingly close to the size of a quarter the coin was quickly discontinued in 1981.

Health care overhaul starts to take shape

In my last column, I discussed the health care bill and how it might help or hinder me and many others in getting quality, affordable care. There was so much ambiguity in the bill when I last wrote that I was not even sure what the bill was called.

Business Briefs for March 28

Manager says plans to fill Gottschalks are progressing Kevin Ray, the property manager for the Carson Mall, said mall owner Francis Carrington visited the mall last week to learn about the remodel project.

Chuck Muth: Scott Ashjian, tea party crasher

Outsiders who aren't part of the tea party movement can't understand why most tea party activists are so opposed to the formation of the Tea Party of Nevada - and especially the candidacy of Scott Ashjian, TPN's candidate for U.S. Senate.

Thursday, March 25

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Tuesday, March 23

Five tips for making healthful, flavorful food

We're all filled with good intentions. We'll be kinder to our co-workers. We'll never yell at children, especially our own. The garden will be mulched seasonally and weeded weekly. Of course, we'll eat better.

Passover: Tough on baking, perfect for pancakes

The use of flour and other grains that have been leavened is prohibited, which usually means lots of dense (though still tasty) cakes and cookies made with matzo meal.

Haroset is a fruit and nut compote for Passover

Haroset is meant to be a reminder of the mortar the Jewish people were forced to use when building the Pharaoh's pyramids, yet it can be one of the most flavorful and beloved dishes in the Passover seder.

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Marketers plan golfers dream week

Two joint marketing efforts by businesses that once were fierce competitors show a shift from conventional marketing tactics to ones in which businesses and events pool their marketing dollars and muscle.

Bill Creekbaum: Roth IRA - Should you convert or not convert

You may have read that tax law changes went into effect in January that made everyone eligible for a Roth IRA conversion, regardless of income level or tax filing status. What's so special about a Roth IRA? The assets you are working hard to build now will become tax-free income in retirement. Rather than paying taxes when you withdraw the funds in retirement, you pay taxes on the assets when you invest in a Roth IRA.

Tax Tips by Kelly Bullis: How $33,950 of taxable income equals zero tax

In this season of sending the equivalent of a small forest in paper to the IRS, there is always the dream that one can figure out how to make some money and not owe any tax to the IRS.

Fallon-area dairymen still pinched low milk prices

Even though dairy prices have staged a slight recovery from the record lows that hammered northern Nevada dairymen last year, Fallon-area farmers say they've got a long way to go to recoup 2009's large losses.

Reno airport stepping up development

Reno-Tahoe International Airport executives are preparing to make a major push to attract new development to sites around the airport.

Letters to the Editor March 19

Depleted oxygen levels priority No. 1

Chuck Muth: Boat rockin' Mrs. Smith goes to Carson?

As party insiders know, Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Heidi Smith and I have a love/hate relationship. We love to hate each other.

Thursday, March 18

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Tuesday, March 16

Eating Lighter: New potatoes dress lightly for spring

New-crop potatoes from Florida are starting to arrive in supermarkets. Grab them when you see them. They have thin skins, so they don't have to be peeled. They also have a wonderfully light, fresh flavor.

Lebanese adventures and recipes for the soul

This January we took a family-roots tour to meet relatives and friends in the village of my great grandfather. The village of M'tein is on Mt. Lebanon and it is there we spent unforgettable time learning the ancient/new cultures with the Abboud/Nacouzi and Hani families.

Easy white sangria

(AP) - An inexpensive sparkling wine does fine in this recipe for white sangria. For the blend of fruits, use whatever is seasonal, which will cost the least and taste the best.

Surprise spice balances lamb, apricot dish

Cinnamon, your go-to spice to sprinkle over French toast, cappuccino or cookie batter, has a savory side as well, although you're more likely to sample it in dishes from other countries.

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Letters to the Editor March 13

Cut the shenanigans, pass health care overhaul bill

Paslov: Don't stand in the way of a greener future

All of us in Carson City and Northern Nevada know the power of wind. We sometimes tremble before the westerly flow that comes off the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada at speeds over 80 mph. It takes our breath away.

Another Opinion: Ensign's scandal leaving unanswered questions

Sen. John Ensign of Nevada has been dogged for the past nine months by a scandal centered on his affair with the wife of his former chief of staff, Doug Hampton. There have been questions about whether Ensign violated federal law and Senate rules in the wake of the affair.

Taking aim at tourists: Carson City targets Bay area with tourism promotion

Carson City tourism officials say their approach to attracting visitors to the area has evolved after the recession began more than two years ago.

Carol Perry: The health care bill and financial planning

We are as a nation engaged in a debate about how to deliver and pay for health care in America.

Business Briefs for March 14

Toyota dealership opening Monday Dick Campagni's new Carson City Toyota dealership, 2590 S. Carson St., will open its doors Monday. A grand opening is planned in May.

Business licenses for March 14

New Business Licenses in Carson City: Through March 5.

Investing in Gold by Allen Rowe: Many factors go into rating value of coins

Mintages, rarity and value. When it comes to pricing coins many factors play a part. How many coins were made is the first factor, but not the only one. How many survived and in what condition is much more important to a coin's value. For this overview let's look at a few Carson City dollars and their respective values.

Letters to the Editor March 12

DMV, have you no sense of decency?

Chuck Muth: GOP revolt brewing on the S.S. Comfort?

When it comes to blowing smoke up your skirt, no one in the Nevada Republican Party has been better at it than Chairman Chris Comfort. But his act is getting old. Sooner or later you have to provide more than rhetoric and platitudes. You have to produce actual results.

Thursday, March 11

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Tuesday, March 9

St. Paddy's Day food traditions revisited

"To all the days, here and after. May they be filled with fond memories,

Enjoy the fun food you crave despite food allergies

Life for people with food allergies can be tough. Even adults may have trouble saying "no" to favorite foods containing an offending ingredient. But for kids, food allergies can be even tougher. "Kids with food allergies just want to feel NORMAL," writes Cybele Pascal, the author of a new cookbook.

Monday, March 8

Sunday, March 7

Commentary: Hillary Clinton in South America

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered earthquake relief supplies to Chile early last week, a Spanish judge was indicting Venezuela's rabidly anti-American president, Hugo Chavez, on charges of helping two terrorist groups to plan political assassinations.

Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels: Muckers find silver, a championship

The Nevada Appeal's "Silver Dollar" and "Wooden Nickel" feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

Letters to the Editor March 7

Yucca waste dump could have brought jobs to state

Saturday, March 6

Friday, March 5

Special session boosts business in the capital city

Closing time for Bella Fiore Wines is usually "11ish", but two weeks ago the business wasn't locking its doors until 2 a.m. - in the middle of February.

Business Briefs March 7

Renewable energy workshops planned Renewable energy experts will be touring rural Nevada in March to tell farmers, ranchers and small business owners about incentive programs and grants that can lower costs for installing solar panels, wind turbines or small hydroelectric systems.

Creekbaum: Money personalities affect love and finances

No matter how deeply you and your partner love each other, money is probably a loaded subject. I regularly see how an individual's reaction to how money's invested, spent, shared, passed down or donated is often filled with personal history and emotion. And if you and your spouse come from different geographic, economic, ethnic, educational or religious backgrounds, it can be even harder.

Tax Tips by Kelly Bullis: Don't overlook disability insurance coverage

Say "insurance" to most people and auto, health, home, and life are the variants that spring to mind. But what if an illness or accident were to deprive you of your income?

Business Licenses March. 7

Business licenses filed in Carson City between March 1 and March 5: About Kids Day Care, 4221 Stampede Dr., general business, Nina Paradise, owner. 775-885-0456.