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Sunday, October 31

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Letters to the editor Oct. 30

Assessor candidate's promises impossible to keep

Dr. Eugene T. Paslov: Look for candidates with rational ideas about taxes, growth

Steve Neighbors spoke truth to power in his editorial Oct. 19. He identified Karen Abowd (Board of Supervisors) and Robin Williamson (Assembly District 40) as thoughtful, knowledgeable, intelligent candidates who take the time to find answers to complex problems (Downtown Project). Their opponents appear to be self-serving rather than thoughtful problem solvers.

Friday, October 29

The true cost of electricity

Bart Sheldon of Industrial Logistics Service makes a living by moving machinery for factories.

Business Briefly (for Oct. 31)

President of NVAR named

Vote to help defuse U.S. economic time bomb

In my last column, I posted some fairly alarming statistics concerning the U.S. economy and our national debt. Apparently, I was the only person alarmed since most comments to the Nevada Appeal were inaccurate or unresearched opinions about candidates running for office. Folks, you may want to go to before believing anything you see or hear in a political TV or radio spot.

Chamber leadership class accepting applications

The Carson City Chamber of Commerce graduated 18 people from its Leadership Carson City program on Oct. 14. They join about 300 leaders who have graduated from the nine-month program since 1989.

Business Licenses (for Oct. 31)

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City between Oct. 18-Oct. 22:

There's a better way to re-enter the market

If one thing is certain about the economic environment during the past few years, it's that markets fluctuate. Even experienced investors often find it impossible to accurately time a market - to "buy low and sell high."

College tuition costs climbing again this fall

College tuition costs shot up again this fall, and students and their families are leaning more on the federal government to make higher education more affordable in tough economic times, according to two reports issued Thursday.

Thursday, October 28

Exercise your responsibility and right to vote

Why should we vote? Because it is our absolute obligation. These United States cannot survive if we, the general public, do not exercise our voting rights.

Letters to the editor: Oct. 28

Subject of literacy story inspiration to all

Wednesday, October 27

Tuesday, October 26

Fall indulgence: Soup's on!

With the cooler weather upon us it's time to put soup back on the menu. Granted, there are light and healthy soups that are still tasty and satisfying. There must be. But that's not us. Soup is comfort food and as such, should have the element of indulgence.

Bake up a scare for Halloween with candy-corn cupcakes

As one of Halloween's most iconic candies, candy corn seemed worthy of a makeover. After all, we've seen the candy mixed into cookie dough, sprinkled over ice cream, worked into brownies and blondies, even used to infuse vodka for a very adult tricky treat.

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 26

Step back from slippery slope of scapegoating

Commentary by Janice Ayres: Tsunami is coming with cuts to aging services

Awhile back I wrote a column on a tsunami of aging that is coming to Nevada at Mach I, which I thought might spark some interest in Legislative candidates, but guess what - Not a peep.

Sunday, October 24

Saturday, October 23

Friday, October 22

Economy could cause population drop

The big question, says State Demographer Jeff Hardcastle, is how Nevada workers respond to declining employment opportunities over the next decade.

Business Briefs for Oct. 24

BAWN announces new members

Numbers can shed light on politicking

With just a few weeks left before the mid-tem elections, many of you have a lot on your minds. If you have a job, how secure is that job in a recession? Perhaps you are unsure about how taxes and the new health care plan will effect your ability to pay the expenses of everyday life?

Investing in Gold: Carson City GSA's packaging can affect value

The value of many collectibles depends on condition and originality. The Carson City dollars from the GSA hoard are no different. During the last four columns I have discussed the pricing of the various years of Carson City GSA dollars, but this time I will address the packaging and its importance.

DVD spending down

LOS ANGELES - U.S. DVD purchases fell about 16 percent through nine months of 2010, a casualty of the economy and changing tastes, based on data from the Digital Entertainment Group, a studio-backed trade association.

Tahoe Transportation District may take over BlueGo

The South Shore's public transit could be under the management of the Tahoe Transportation District come Nov. 1, assuming certain conditions set by the district's board of directors are met.

Business Licenses for Oct. 24

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City between Oct. 11 and Oct. 15:

Thursday, October 21

Wednesday, October 20

Tuesday, October 19

Give yourself a treat with pot roast this week

As a kid, my mom's pot roast was my and my brother's favorite dinner! Anytime she would ask us what we wanted for special occasions we always opted for the pot roast. The tender meat with buttery potatoes topped with gravy make my mouth water just thinking about it. When I came home from school the house would smell so good and feel warm and cozy.

Freezing pre-made dishes: Tips on what ingredients to avoid

Adapted from the All We Can Eat blog on

Monday, October 18

Sunday, October 17

Letters to the editor Oct. 17

Three strikes, Sen. Reid, and you're out of office

Silver Dollars & Wooden Nickels: Silver to rescue team, miners in Chile

The Nevada Appeal's "Silver Dollar" and "Wooden Nickel" feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

Saturday, October 16

Letters to the editor Oct. 16

Abowd has right experience for board

Friday, October 15

Tahoe homes sales up, but buyers still seeking deals

Sales of homes in the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee are up following the first three quarters of 2010, but median home prices remain low, according to several area real estate agents.

Business Briefs for Oct. 17

Carson City web company hires project manager

Tax Tips: SAGE advice for the 2011 Legislature

Isn't it funny how normally nice Nevadans can suddenly exhibit such strong emotions against each other when it comes to solving our state budget woes?

Falling state budgets are a drag on the economy

Cuts to state and local governments have been a big factor in the slow recovery from the Great Recession. During the last year, state and local governments have cut 274,000 jobs, about half of what the private sector has added. Meanwhile, federal employment has remained relatively steady, except for a temporary surge of hiring for the census.

Keeping an even keel essential during stormy markets

How can individual investors learn to stop worrying and love the long-term view? Today, I have provided some advice and remarks by Christopher Davis, chairman of Davis Advisors, in this volatile market.

Business Licenses for Oct. 17

Business licenses filed in Carson City from Oct. 4-8

Thursday, October 14

Dennis Johnson: Gunsmoke and mirrors: Don't get taken for a ride

Over the past few years Carson City has sought an identity - culinary center, boutique city or whatever else was hyped to the board of supervisors, economic development or other group acting on behalf of Carson City.

Letters to the editor Oct. 14

Send this pack of RINOs packing Nov. 2

Wednesday, October 13

Tuesday, October 12

Two's Company: Salmon with Orange Salsa

If you love the rich, full flavor of fresh salmon and are cooking for two, you've had three choices: buy the fish as steaks, ask the person at the counter to weigh out two portions from a large salmon fillet, or purchase a whole fillet and invite friends over for dinner.

Steaming Brussels sprouts retains crunch, lightens strong flavor

I like slow-cooked Brussels sprouts, but not everyone does. The full cabbage flavor and sallow green color that long cooking brings out is a turn-off for some folks.

Monday, October 11

Letters to the editor Oct. 12

GOP united in resolve to ruin us

Chet Alexander: Vote yes on tax-neutral school bond issue

Mr. Barlow made a serious mistake in his Oct. 5 letter to the editor of this paper. Passing the school bond will not hand the Carson City School District a $50 million blank check. Did the last bond give the district an open check? If you research the last bond you will see that the funds were effectively used to remodel the Carson Middle School into a state-of-the-art complex that will serve the city for many years.

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