Letters to the Editor

Do a little research and uncover a lie

It would be really nice if those who choose to write letters to the editor would actually do some research before writing. Fox News is in Canada, just like the other U.S. news channels. They are broadcast over the air and on the cable stations. Fox News was denied a license to operate a Canadian News station. But then, so have all the other outside news agencies. Canada controls its broadcast agencies a little differently than the U.S.

So where did the assumption come from that they were turned down because of truth in reporting? A little quick research shows it came from the Huffington Post, a radically biased left-leaning blog. All the other mentions I found on the Internet were merely cut and pasted from the Huffington Post. Amazing how an opinion can become the quoted truth across the nation in such short time.

I think we all tend to gravitate toward that which we already agree with or want to be true. However, just do a little research on your own. It's amazing how quickly you can find the truth or uncover a lie.

Walter Owens

Carson City

Family giving pup a second chance

This is in reference to your article, "Man's best friends find best friends" on March 27.

The dog you mentioned in the article, Dixie, from the Nevada State Prison's "Pups-on-Parole," is the dog we adopted. Our dog of 12 years passed away three days prior and we were looking to fill the void. We all fell in love with Dixie, now named Lexie, the minute we saw her. She will be well loved. She has the energy to keep up with the grandkids we are raising.

For my husband, the clincher to getting her was the bandanna around her neck which said "Pups-on-Parole." Being an ex-felon himself, he believes everyone, including dogs, should have a second chance.

Pamela DeWitt


Athletics could become interesting under SB231

The Nevada State Legislature is considering a bill, SB231, to allow students, faculty and visitors to carry concealed weapons on college and university campuses in Nevada. This should make athletic contests even more interesting.

However, we would need to inform visiting teams and their fans of this policy so they can come prepared. Since they are not allowed to pack weapons on airplanes, we could operate gun and ammo rental concessions at the events as a revenue opportunity for higher education. We should offer referees free equipment as needed.

Glen Atkinson


Quality of live is being forgotten around mine

As former tribal manager for the Yerington Paiute Tribe, I was passionately involved with the dangers that the shuttered Yerington Anaconda Mine posed not only to tribal members on reservation lands, but to non-tribal citizens living to the north of the site and northeast of Campbell Lane and Highway 95. I could not understand, and still cannot understand, how city, county and state officials can put the value of real estate and the image of Nevada mining above the value of lives and quality of living.

Everyone with any semblance of scientific background who has been involved with the site has had to admit the dangers of the mine that are leaching into the groundwater and migrating away from the site.

Even BP ARCO, while in the midst of denial, was very quick to provide bottled water to the entire area when the facts became known about uranium in groundwater.

The real tragedy here is that the site should have been cleaned up years ago. When the commissioners agreed to let USEPA take the lead on the site from NDEP, they also agreed to work together with the Tribe, city and state to get to the bottom of the problems and get them resolved.

I sincerely hope that Nevada will do the right thing and get behind the Superfund, otherwise, the powers that be in the Mason Valley seem determined to let the citizens who live there pay the consequences for their government's high-minded, selfish and pusillanimous behaviors.

Robert A. Boyce

Burney, Calif


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