Letters to the editor April 12

Repealing minimum wage is wrong thing to do

If I wore hats, they'd be off to people - from Dayton and from Carson City, so far.

Kristy Mulkey from Dayton, wrote a letter saying the legislators considering repeal of the minimum wage law (are like) a slap in the face. Yeah, indeed, it's also a pummel in the parking lot. Like it's not low enough? The choice of $8.50 with no insurance vs. $7.50, is questionable enough if you consider an example.

A retail clerk for a convenience store makes $7.50. Obviously, she has coverage, but the deductible is so high, she can't get a test for a type of cancer that runs in her family. Who can pay a high deductible on $7.50 an hour? So, might as well have no coverage, make $1 more an hour. Sounds like a racket to me, and a slap in the face.

Daryl Jackson of Dayton wrote about whether or not to outlaw legal prostitution. Don't we have more pressing issues? Here we are, millions of unemployed, and Harry is worried about legal prostitution? Really, Harry.

I'd tip my hat to Rick Van Alfen for his GOP/middle class letter. Yeah, you tell them. This is why I put "anything but Republican" on my voter registration, and why I voted for Harry as opposed to Adolf. I mean, if these big corporations are making it hard for the middle class - $55,000 is getting by? - think how bad it is for the poverty-stricken.

Lynnea Malone

Carson City

Owners take care of your dogs for safety of other owners

Yesterday at Sonoma park, there was a flier up for a lost dog; a dog that has escaped from its yard on several occasions. She is a nice dog, and the other dog owners who frequent the park were sympathetic to the worries of the family who owns it.

Today, another dog was roaming the park without an owner. It was a pitbull and it attacked a smaller dog to the horror of the dog owner and the several families enjoying the park. We were able to separate them and get the pitbull restrained while a bystander called Animal Control.

I left that park angry and concerned, and I am writing this letter to make a couple of points. If your dog has a propensity for escaping, then you need to either fix the route of escape, or chain your dog up. Many of the dogs I have seen roaming are friendly, but not street smart, and I worry they will get hit. And then there are those, like today, which are unpredictable and can pose a threat to both children and other dogs.

I want to continue taking my dog to the park, as I have for three years, but now I am thinking that I need to carry a big stick to fend off any future attacking dog whose owner is not there to control it.

Jennifer Castro

Carson City


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