Melodrama opens Friday in Dayton

The Misfits Theater Group's latest homage to melodrama, "The Como Indian Scare of 1863 or Food Trumps Wood in the Card-game of Life" plays 7 p.m. April 15-16, 22-23, Odeon Hall, 65 Pike Street, Dayton.

The show is loosely based on a real historical event, the Como Indian Scare of 1863.

Old man Olegsen has discovered a bonanza of silver and named his mine after his only daughter, Brunhilda who comes out to help her father with the mine.

Unfortunately, some interesting activities near his mine cause him and his daughter problems.

Fortunately, the hero Maximillian arrives on the scene to save the day and fall in love.

Call Carol, 775-246-9622, for $10 tickets.


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