Today's legislative calendar

7:30 a.m. Assembly Judiciary

Room: 3138

Bills to be heard: AB460 Revises provisions governing the death penalty, AB461 provisions concerning the duties of the Board of State Prison Commissioners and the Director of the Department of Corrections, AB462 provisions relating to acts of terrorism.

7:30 a.m. Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy

Room: 2135

Work Session: SB21 Revises the requirements for reopening a claim of compensation for a permanent partial disability, SB59 the cumulative capacity of net metering systems operating within the service area of an electric utility, SB99 various changes concerning consumer protection, SB184 the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to establish the Renewable Energy Systems Development Program

On adjournment of Assembly Transportation

Assembly Government Affairs

Room: 4100

Work session on measures previously considered.

On adjournment of Assembly Taxation

Assembly Government Affairs Subcommittee

Room: 4100

Bills to be heard: AB320 Revises provisions governing coroners' inquests.

8 a.m. Assembly Taxation

Room: 4100

Bills to be heard: AB447 Revises the provisions governing certain partial property tax abatements for businesses in this State, AB506 for transferable tax credits to attract filmmakers to Nevada.

8 a.m. Senate Finance/Assembly Ways and Means Joint Subcommittee

Room: 3137

Closing budgets of the Division of Child and Family Services.

8 a.m. Senate Finance/Assembly Ways and Means Joint Subcommittee

Room: 2134

Closing budgets of the judicial branch, Department of Business and Industry and Department of Personnel.

11 a.m. Senate Floor Session

The Senate Chamber of the Legislative Building.

The Agenda will be posted 30 minutes prior to commencement.

1 p.m. Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections

Room: 3142

Bills to be heard: AJR1 Proposes to amend certain provisions of the Nevada Constitution related to the assessment and collection of property taxes to allow the recalculation of the taxable value of depreciated improvements to real property upon the transfer, sale or conveyance of the property.

Work session: AB81 various provisions relating to elections, AB473 provisions governing elections, AB501 a moratorium on the execution of sentences of death and provides for a study of issues regarding the death penalty, AJR2 opposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the State Legislature, AJR7 to amend the Nevada Constitution to create an intermediate appellate court.

1 p.m. Senate Revenue

Room: 2134

Bills to be heard: SB255 Reduces the amount of governmental services taxes imposed on certain older motor vehicles, SB491 various changes regarding public revenue and taxation.

Work session: SB432 provisions governing governmental financing, SB492 provisions regarding the payment of certain fees for mining claims, SB493 the Mining Oversight and Accountability Commission, SJR15 to amend the Nevada Constitution to remove the separate tax rate and manner of assessing and distributing the tax on mines and the proceeds of mines.

1: 30 p.m. Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining

Room: 3161

Bills in Work Session: AB427 Enacts provisions requiring the payment of deposits and refunds on certain beverage containers sold in this State, AB503 certain provisions governing the conservation of habitat for wildlife.

3:15 p.m. Assembly Transportation

Room: 3143

Work session on measures previously considered.

3:30 p.m. Senate Health and Human Services

Room: 2149

Bills to be heard: SB310 Enacts the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act.

Work session: SB209 provisions relating to reports of sentinel events and related information reported by certain medical facilities, SB245 the Statewide Alert System for the Safe Return of Missing Older Persons, SB246 various changes concerning required training for employees who administer medication to a child at certain entities that have custody of the child pursuant to the order of a court.

3:30 p.m. Senate Legislative Operations and Elections

Room: 2144

Work session on measures previously considered.

3:30 p.m. Senate Transportation

Room: 2135

Work session on measures previously considered.


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