Business Licenses for April 17

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City between March 28-April 8:

A Much Better Way, out of town, Ohio, 888-817-1850.

Amreiwade, 3650 Research Way, Suite 24, retail store, Robert Coleman, owner, 775-883-7255.

B-Thrift-T Thrift Store, 2321 N. Carson St., retail store, Beverly Rolfe, owner, 775-291-4182.

Cynthia Elaine Bagley, 710 Hot Springs Road, Internet/mail order/door to door, 775-220-7450.

Heidi Barker, 725 Basque Way, independent contractor, cosmetologist, 775-297-6269.

Bridgewood Ranch Apartments, 1000 E. William St., real estate/property management, TCI Park West II Inc., 469-522-4200.

Burketts Pool Plastering, out of town, California, contractor, Robert Burkett, owner, 209-599-3317.

Busy Bee Eatery, 248 E. Winnie Lane, restaurant/catering/casino, Hilary Stokes, 775-220-2835.

Capital Reporters Inc., 515 W. Fourth St., professional services, Michael Loomis, owner, 775-882-5322.

Carson City Crossfit, 403 Hot Springs Road, Suite 2, fitness center/training, Joe Byne, owner, 775-339-1046.

Carson Nugget Race and Sports Book, 507 N. Carson St., gaming license, Sierra Development Company, 775-323-1046.

Stephanie Castillo, 4032 Pheasant Dr., childcare, 775-233-3655.

CA2 Group LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-888-3150.

Centimark Corporation, out of town, Calif., contractor, 916-290-9890.

CK Concrete Inc., out of town, Sparks, contractor, Kevin Gadda, owner, 775-343-1122.

David Colarchik, 4009 Pheasant Dr., apartment/residential rentals, 775-832-6522.

Computercorps, 6441 Highway 50 E., short term, 775-883-2323.

Cruises and Vacations by Julie, 2480 Lewis Dr., hobby, Julia Ramos, owner, 775-629-4132.

Dream Dinners, 135 Clearview Dr., restaurant/catering/casino, Bonnie Betts, 775-841-3663.

Fairview Stor-All, 1501 Fairview Dr., commercial rentals, Frank DiMartino, owner, 775-720-6700.

Full Circle Therapeutics, 2350 S. Carson St., Suite 1, independent contractor, Stephanie McIntosh, owner, 775-230-4566.

Galvan Living Trust, 2221 N. Lompa Lane, apartment/residential rental, Orlando Galvan, owner, 775-841-1964.

Golden Nickel, 444 E. William St., Suite 08, liquor license, Slotworld, Inc., owner 775-882-7568.

William Gran, out of town, out of town, Smith Valley, 775-790-4504.

Incline Builders, out of town, Incline Village, contractor, Barry Lease, owner, 775-832-2777.

Kelley Erosion Control Inc., out of town, Reno, contractor, 775-322-7755.

Lockett Enterprises, 5225 Grumman Dr., Suite 148, firearm sales/training/repair, Raymond Lockett, owner, 928-486-6181.

Samuel Gene Lynch, 685 Colorado St., janitorial service/carpet cleaning, 775-887-1763.

Mesquite General Contracting, out of town, contractor, 702-346-8955.

Michael's Residential Repair, 1550 Jefferson Dr., handyman, Michael Borgman, owner, 775-291-2682.

MJA Holdings Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-888-3162.

On the Ball, out of town, Gardnerville, out of town business, Michael Ball, owner, 775-781-9096.

One Source LED Lighting LLC., out of town, Mound House, Barbara Waldron, owner, 530-626-8467.

OPV Inc., 1806 Mathe Dr., Internet/mail order/door to door, 775-291-7762.

Pam Perondi, 559 #104 S. Saliman Road, independent contractor, cosmetologist, 775-560-7265.

Pure Energy, 5400 S. Carson St., hobby, Judith Cummings, owner, 775-720-8486.

Vickie Rybak, 2340 S. Carson St., independent contractor, cosmetologist, 775-309-7199.

Saic, out of town, California, 858-826-4795.

Sierra Digital Studios LLC., out of town, Irvine, Calif., Robert Hartman, owner, 775-690-5043.

Sign Crafters, out of town, Sparks, contractor, Reggie Harrison, owner, 775-746-1614.

Staropoly LLC., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-888-3135.

Thames Benefit Consulting Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, Joe Lopresti, owner, 775-888-1389.

Tires La Cumbre, 3160 N. Deer Run Road, technical service/sales, Juan Gomez, owner, 775-883-3234.

Total Benefit Consultants Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, Joe Lopresti, owner, 775-888-3151.

Tru-Shine, out of town, Smith Valley, Beatriz Esquerra, owner, 775-790-1601.

WFAC III Inc., 2533 N. Carson St., resident agents, 775-841-6154.

Zion Restoration and Repair, out of town, Reno, Donald Weaver, 775-224-4860.

4 Seasons, out of town, Reno, Patrick Mueller, owner, 775-230-2630.


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