Faith & Insight: Resurrection explains the true meaning of Easter

Some things in life are just unexplainable. Several years ago I noticed something on top of our church steeple. Being a curious one, I risked life and limb by climbing to the top. There, stuck on the very sharp point of the highest part of the pinnacle, was a potato! Unexplainable. Recently, on a public parking lot, I found a pile of 202 pennies mixed with portions of peanut shells! Unexplainable.

Now, I don't know the connection that rabbits and colored eggs have with the true meaning of Easter, but Easter's true meaning is fully explainable!

Just ask the centurion who confirmed the death of Jesus. Ask the Jewish leaders Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus who placed the body in a new tomb. Then ask the women who, three days later, found an empty tomb and received an angel's visit. Ask Peter and John who found nothing there but empty burial clothes. Or how about Cleopas and his friend who were walking back to Emmaus later that day when a risen Jesus walked and talked with them. Well, Thomas didn't believe, but a week later he was encouraged to touch the very wounds of a now living Savior.

The explanation is the true meaning of Easter. Jesus conquered death and arose from the grave.

To believers, that means at least two things. It means that what Jesus taught was true - He really did die as our sin offering. And it means that we no longer need to fear death. Jesus was victorious, and we can be too!

Happy Easter to all as you live the life of victory.

• Bruce Henderson is the pastor of Airport Road Church of Christ.


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