Area bike rides scheduled

Teri Vance/Nevada Appeal

Teri Vance/Nevada Appeal

Muscle Powered is once again leading a series of road bike rides along some of the most scenic routes in the area. The rides will start out easy and gradually pick up speed as the season progresses.

Kelly Clark and Paul Zatarain are leading the rides for Muscle Powered, an advocacy group dedicated to making Carson City more walkable and bikeable.

The series began two weeks ago with a 27-mile loop around the perimeter of Carson City, beginning at Topsy Lane, circling around Deer Run Road, up College Parkway and back around.

Clark said the routes are designed to accommodate all levels of cyclists.

"They're nice rides for beginners," she said. "They can start out with us. When they get tired, they can turn around and go back."

She said it's a nice, social way to get fit.

After 27 miles, she calculated she had burned 614 calories.

"That's a lot of calories to burn," she said. "I just really believe in the health benefits of bicycling."

Anne Macquarie said she noticed the diverse types of neighborhoods during the April 9 ride around Carson City. She said the rides offer a good way for people to get acquatinted with their surroundings in a more intimate way.

"I think it's just great for people to get out, get some exercise and get to know their town," she said. "It's a great place to ride and people should get out more often."

Rides are every Saturday and will be canceled in cases of rain or snow. Today's ride will begin 10 a.m. in the parking lot of Bully's, 3530 N. Carson St. It will be a 32-mile ride through Coombs Canyon into Washoe Valley with two loops around Franktown Road.

Participants must be members of Muscle Powered to participate. Fees are $15, $10 for seniors and students, and $20 for families.

For a schedule of rides, check the calendar at

For more information, call co-leaders Kelly Clark at 775-315-2719 or Paul Zatarain at 775-513-6335.


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