Letters to the Editor for April 30

Put your trash in the right place: a trash can

Dear Citizens of Carson City,

Don't pollute, it ruins our beautiful watershed, because when a storm comes, it blows all that trash around and it eventually goes into the Carson Sink.

You can help by putting your trash in the right place. Put it in a trash can or even a nearby Dumpster. You can also help by picking up trash around you.

Please use these tips to help our community and our watershed be a better place.

Makayla Schmidt, 9

St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School

Bill would deny Washoe of millions in funding

AB545 will deny Washoe County School District millions of dollars in new funding. The bill seeks to change the population threshold for approximately $3.9 million in room taxes that WCSD is entitled to when Washoe County population reaches 400,000.

U.S. Census 2010 reported Washoe's population at 416,000. Additional millions for the school district are also available from Real Estate Transfer Taxes. The bill originator, the Legislative Counsel Bureau, has recommended changing the population threshold from 400,000 to 700,000 in more than 200 individual Nevada Revised Statutes, including those that have significant detrimental financial impact to Washoe County.

Although Clark County and its school district have benefited from the current population thresholds, the legislature is looking at denying the same financial benefits to Washoe County. The bureau is prohibited by law from initiating bills that urge or recommend legislation; however, the bill is making its way through the Assembly with Washoe County legislative member support.

Unless citizens call their county commissioners and urge immediate public hearings on every NRS change that affects Washoe County, the bill will pass unopposed. We also need to call and email our legislative representatives and express opposition to AB545. Encourage your commissioners, city council members and school board of trustees to do the same.

Terry Tiernay


California residents to boycott state if water is denied to horses

I am writing to say that I will boycott the state of Nevada if AB329 passes, and I will urge everyone I know to do the same. I have family business interests in Nevada but we can move them back to California.

I will not support a state that wants to deny water to any living creature. Water is life for all of us. Who does the Nevada Legislature think they are to deny water to wild horses? God?

Let's ask ourselves a very important question: What would Jesus do? I think we know the answer. Sadly, Nevada seems to have forgotten the Golden Rule.

Frances G. Miller

Santa Rosa, Calif.

Horse lovers here in Northern California have long been appalled with Nevada's cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management, especially with the amount of tax dollars we all pay to support the abuse that wild horses and burros experience during roundups and at holding facilities.

Will AB329 cost more money to remove the bodies of wild horses and burros who die of dehydration? I grew up on a cattle ranch. How do cattle ranchers benefit? Have you interviewed Madeleine Pickens? Did you know that Ted Turner just joined the board of her sanctuary? Does Nevada want a statewide boycott?

Thank you for letting me ask my questions.

Geraldine Gauer

Santa Rosa, Calif.


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