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CourtesyKat Simmons looks at the humor of romance in her Hearts on Fire Valentine's Day show Feb. 14 at Carson Nugget. Comedian Dave Mencarelli

CourtesyKat Simmons looks at the humor of romance in her Hearts on Fire Valentine's Day show Feb. 14 at Carson Nugget. Comedian Dave Mencarelli

Kat Simmons' Heart's on Fire Valentine's Day show at the Carson Nugget offers couples and singles alike an evening of laughter.

"This show is for people who are married or single, or married and wished they were single or single and wish they were married - there is plenty for everyone to laugh about," said Simmons, who in addition to headlining is the show's producer through Kat Simmons Presents. "It's really a personal commentary of what's been going on in my life, which I am sure others can relate to."

Dave Mencarelli, who is a comic from Reno and a close friend of Simmons, is opening the show.

"Dave is the epitome of subdued irreverence, sharing about his childhood, his practice marriage, his Arkansas relations and his mother's unique parenting style," Simmons said. "Toss in some horror stories about dating and some politically incorrect world observations and you'll be thoroughly entertained from start to finish.

"I have seen Dave go through relationship nightmares and he has now found the woman of his dreams ... if Dave can find the right person, anyone can."

The show's title, "Kat Simmons' Heart's On Fire," speaks to Simmons awareness - finally! - of loving herself and filling up her own cup.

"It is true that we need to be in that place, in order to love someone else and in part, the show is about doing something good for yourself," she said. "I have been through hell and back and I will be celebrating the big 55 (soon) and it has taken me all this time to get to the realization that my heart is still open and there is no deficiency in my life."

Area audiences have celebrated, supported and cheered Simmons' growth and evolution through her shows over the years and have become like family. She threw her wedding bouquet from the stage, has shared the trials and tribulations of marriage, divorce, parenting, self-awareness and mid-life dating with an honesty and humor that has kept audiences laughing.

"My mom used to say there was a lid for every pot, but I just kept finding men with the depth of a cookie sheet," she said. "The result is that now I can't cook without thinking about men and I can never find the right lid."

But she remains hopeful.

"People get stressed out about Valentine's Day ... 'if I see one more girl walk by with her arms full of flowers and balloons,' and really, laughter is the best medicine and is cheaper than therapy," she said. "My friends keep telling me, water seeks its own level, so I guess I've been in a major drought, and droughts are temporary.

"If you are married, you may have lots to laugh about or if you're single, you may be happy about that by the end of the evening. Either way, you won't want to miss a hilarious night of comic relief."

Simmons returns to the Carson Nugget after performing to a sold out crowd with the 3 Blonde Moms show, of which she is a regular cast member. She is a veteran of the national comedy club circuit and has performed at The Improv, Catch A Rising Star and on the Comedy Channel, Fox's Comedy Tonight and Candid Camera. She has appeared with Tim Allen, Kenny Rogers and Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live and is the only woman comic performing shows for Carnival Cruise Lines. She has also toured internationally and was named the winner of the eWomen International Talent Contest in 2009.

"Kat Simmons' Heart's on Fire" show takes place Monday, Feb. 14 in the Carson Nugget's second floor ballroom. The show begins at 7 p.m.; doors open at 6 p.m. with open seating. Tickets cost $20 and are available at ccnugget.com or by calling 775-882-1626, ext. 251. You can follow the Nugget at twitter.com/CarsonNugget or facebook.com/CarsonNugget.


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