MEET YOUR MERCHANT: Longtime jeweler starts new phase in Carson Street location

Jim Grant/Nevada Appeal

Jim Grant/Nevada Appeal

Dawn Sellers has spent nearly half of her life working for the family business: Capital Jewelers Salon.

The business - one of Carson City's longest running - was established in 1956 by Sellers' stepfather, Charlie Buchheister. Sellers' mother, Sharon Buchheister, also worked for the business.

Today, Sellers, 50, and her husband, Greg, 48, own the jewelry salon, which brands itself as a "hardware store for women." It will celebrate its 55th anniversary in October.

The shop has moved around over the years, until recently residing

21 years in an old house off of Curry Street. Last month, Sellers and her four employees started another chapter for Capital Jewelers Salon in their new location at 1000 N. Carson St.

"This space was available, we were just really excited to be able to get on a main street location again," Sellers said.

Aside from its selection of jewelry, the shop also does repairs, appraisals and custom designs. Watchmaker James Sadilek has been with them for about 11 years.

The business has gone through its share of changes over the years. Styles have come and gone - yellow gold to white gold and back again, for example. And while many tools have improved with the times - things like computer systems and websites - Sellers said many still are the same.

"The same ones people used hundreds of years ago," said Sellers, who does custom jewelry work. "How do you work with metal? A lot of it stays the same."

Sellers said she's grateful for her line of work and keeps a positive outlook.

"We're lucky because most people are happy when they come in here," Sellers said. "It's not like they're having to go to the doctor. It's usually a good moment."

Sellers remembers one woman who came in a year after her husband died to get her wedding set cut off and made into a mother's ring.

"And her daughters were crying and she was crying and I'm cutting off the ring and I'm crying, but then when we got done it was pretty cool," Sellers said. "She loved the ring, her daughters loved the ring. Everybody was happy."

Sellers moved to Carson City in 1976 from Winnemucca. And like her family business, she's watched Carson City grow over the years.

"It's been amazing," she said. "Business has been really good to me."

Sellers said the jewelry business has taught her the meaning of dedication and adapting to new trends. The secret to the shop's longevity comes down to understanding the needs of customers, she said.

"We try our best to have a good product at a fair price," she said. "We bought the microscope we have out on the floor so folks can look at their diamonds."

Her other lesson: "The people that stay positive about their business seem to do a lot better."


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