Silver Dollars & wooden nickels: OK gas prices, enough is enough

The Nevada Appeal's "Silver Dollar" and "Wooden Nickel" feature recognizes positive achievements from the capital region and, when warranted, points out others that missed the mark.

SILVER DOLLAR: Carson City's own Mackena Bell is continuing her upward path in the racing world. Bell was selected to compete in the Drive for Diversity program for the third straight year. It is Bell's third year of being in the program. Here is to a safe and successful year for Bell.

WOODEN NICKEL: It seems daily that gas prices continue to rise. Earlier last week AAA reported Carson City's average price per gallon was $3.22 a gallon - a 9 cent increase from last month. Thankfully, experts don't expect gas prices to hit $4 a gallon like they did in 2008.

We hate to think about the toll $4 a gallon would take on our already battered economy. We are probably insane to dream of $2 a gallon, but we can dream can't we?

SILVER DOLLAR: Imagine taking a nice family weekend hike from Carson almost to Lyon and back again. Or imagine watching your kids playing basketball, soccer or volleyball inside the Multipurpose Activity Complex. These scenarios could be closer than you think.

Carson recently purchased 419 acres of open space in Carson River Canyon to use for recreation. The city still is working on purchasing another 490 acres to expand the recreation area.

And in town, the Parks and Recreation Commission recently approved a scaled down version of the Multipurpose Activity Complex, something voters approved in the mid-1990s.

Having more organized activities available to our youth is only a positive for our community. And the more opportunities we have to get outside and explore Nevada's picturesque landscape the better.


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