MOODY: Carson neds to play smart game on Monday

It certainly was nice to see Carson High's boys basketball team gut out Friday's win over Galena and reach a play-in game with Damonte on Monday.

The one thing that has bothered me all season about Carson is that they have the patience of a young child on offense, constantly forcing things when there is nowhere to go.

Even against Galena, the Senators made a couple of stupid mistakes late in the game when they were ahead by six. In that instance you don't want to force anything. Run clock and wait for an open look.

I hope Carson puts on its collective thinking cap and plays a smart game against Damonte. Both games against the Mustangs were close during the regular season, which means every possession will be critical.

The Senators are a senior-laden team, and it would be nice to see them extend their season.


Nevada coach David Carter told a Northern Nevada paper that he will likely use his lone scholarship on a big man next year.

Carter also said he wouldn't have a problem if that player ended up redshirting.

That's something I felt that former Nevada coach Mark Fox never took advantage of. The only time Fox would redshirt a player was for injury or grades.

A men's basketball team has 13 scholarships. To me if a freshman comes on and you can't give him more than six or seven minutes a game, especially if you know you won't have a really good team, then why not save the year?

I always think back to the year that Todd Okeson was a junior. Okeson was a great 3-point shooter, who was a key player in Nevada's Sweet 16 run as senior. The following year, however, Nevada was one of the worst 3-point shooting teams around. It was a team that really could have used Okeson.


While we're on the subject of Nevada basketball, ex-Nevada coaches Trent Johnson and Mark Fox are going in opposite directions in the Southeastern Conference.

Fox's Georgia Bulldogs are in a four-way tie for second in the conference at 5-4 and 16-7 overall, which means they have a good shot to make the NCAA Tournament.

Johnson's LSU team is struggling. LSU is 2-7 in conference and 10-14 overall. In all fairness, Johnson is still playing with players from the previous coach, but I think he needs to have a big year next season or he could be shown the door.


The WAC is going to a neutral site, Las Vegas, for its postseason basketball tournament. It's a good move, and I think they will draw some good crowds. I expect to see a big contingent from tournament favorite Utah State. The Aggies have drawn well in Reno in recent years, and it's a quick flight from Salt Lake to Las Vegas, and if there is no snow, it's a fairly easy drive. The Aggies' rooting section is a treat to watch. They always seem to come up with some good one-liners. They are a true sixth man in Logan. I think some of the best teams in the country would have trouble with the Aggies on their home floor.


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