Letters to the editor Feb. 17

The law is clear: Protect wild horses

In all reality, doesn't the open range belong to our wild horses?

The recent horse roundup clearly shows unnecessary abuse. It shows all they want to do is get rid of them.

The helicopter pilot was flying so low to chase one horse that it was unnecessary treatment.

Going back to August 2010, the Bureau of Land Management roundup lost more than 80 horses. Mares lost their foals from the same helicopter treatment.

The 1971 Act: It is the policy of Congress that wild horses should be protected from harassment and death. The general public and horse organizations expect the law to prevail.

Bob Martini


Have casinos run the state lotto

I agree with Art Redman's letter in the Feb. 15 Nevada Appeal except that the proceeds from the lotto should go wherever the state needs it, not just education.

How much longer are the people that run this state going to ignore cash cows like the lottery and Powerball? If they have to change the constitution, so be it. They change it for everything else.

I've been around gamblers all my life, worked in poolrooms and the casinos for 35 years, and I'll tell you for a fact, buying a few lotto tickets won't deter gamblers one bit. Gamblers are gamblers.

I don't know what the casinos are so paranoid about, but I have an idea that might work. Tickets can be purchased only in casinos and have them run it like Megabucks. If this was the case, it would bring people in the casinos where they may have dinner or place a few bets. Jobs also would be created running lotto stations.

I especially liked Art's comment about getting Powerball, too. It might bring some out of state lottery money to Nevada. I know my partner and I are sick of driving to California every 20 drawings.

We all said 40 years ago in the gambling business, "If the other states go legal, Nevada would be a graveyard with lights." It seems like we're well on our way, and we better do something quick.

Bob Satter

Carson City


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