Business licenses Feb. 27

The following business licenses were filed between Jan. 31-Feb. 18:

"A" Locksmith, 2646 Longridge Drive, locksmiths, Andrew Hamrick, owner, 775-220-0476.

Arrowhead RV and Boat Storage, 2920 Arrowhead Drive, technical service, 775-720-0765.

Biddle Consulting Group Inc., out of town, 800-999-0438.

BRG Homes LLC., out of town, Sparks, contractor, Brian Gipe, owner, 775-425-3900.

Michelle Brown, 124 E. John St., independent contractor, 775-297-3928.

Brugo's Pizza Co., 3228 N. Carson St., restaurant, catering, casino, Kristi Pattison, owner, 775-720-8622.

Canine Cleanup, 2611 Carriage Crest Drive, general business, 775-291-7511.

Cig Sierra Pacific Insurance, out of town, Incline Village, Staci Farnan, owner, 805-218-4131.

Coco Dolce, 1910 College Parkway Suite 130, retail, liquor license, Paul Bonaldi, 775-741-0421.

Distinctive Style Beauty Salon, 725 Basque Way Unit 4, health beauty care, Danelle Haas, owner, 775-220-0409.

DJ's RV Sales and Service, 2171 Highway 50 E., short term, Dan Hague, owner, 775-246-4141.

Fairview Smoke and Liquor, 1501 Fairview Drive, Suite 4, liquor license, Rajwant Sandhu, owner, 775-443-6093.

Fusion Salon and Spa, 2340 S. Carson St., health beauty spa, Matthew Fischer, owner, 775-883-0200.

JF Tile and Stone Design, 4611 Goni Road Unit F, technical service, Jeannie Fung, owner, 775-882-7100.

Lighting Electric Inc., out of town, contractor, 479-695-1322.

Metroplex Mechanical, out of town, Sparks, contractor, Troy Hutchins, owner, 775-200-5427.

Michael Hohl RV Center, 2171 Highway 50 E., short term, Jeff McKinnish, owner, 775-884-8970.

MMMMM Yogurt, out of town, Gardnerville, William Grebitus, owner, 775-358-2570.

Mountain Dental, 913 Mountain St., professional services, MPS Dental LLC., 775-297-3862.

Nevada Dictation, 601 Sonoma St., consulting management financial, Julie Rowan, owner, 775-745-2327.

Northshore Construction and Roof, out of town, Incline Village, contractor, Aaron Mintz, owner, 775-831-2597.

Corina Olivas, 985 E. Fifth St., childcare, 775-291-9879.

One of a Kind Stuff, 3399 Sunrise Drive, Internet, mail order, door to door, Suzanne Anderson, owner, 775-882-2055.

Perfection Connection, 4611 Goni Road Unit F, technical service, James Donaire, owner, 775-882-4488.

Preferred Recovery Services LLC., out of town, 978-304-9037.

Quality Animal Care LTD., 204 W. Spear St., resident agents, 775-886-0807.

Remote Computer Service, 2 Colt Cir., equipment appliance computer repair, Kevin Broward, owner, 775-443-7154.

Esperanza Sanchez, 4999 Highway 50 E., childcare, 775-315-4152.

Silvia's Housecleaning, out of town, 775-450-0608.

Telgian Corporation, out of town, contractor, 775-753-5444.

The CMC Group, out of town, Bruce Russo, owner, 209-574-1300.

The Energy Bar, 628 E. John St., Suite 004, independent contractor, Judy Cummings, owner, 713-264-2019.

Tires La Cumbre, 3160 N. Deer Run Road, technical service, Juan Gomez, 775-883-3224.

Tri Quest Builders LLC., out of town, 916-923-0333.

Truckee Meadows Lawn and Lands, out of town, 775-671-8503., 2320 Silver Sage Drive, janitorial service, Maria Mendivil, owner, 775-220-4353.

Yogo Frozen Yogurt and Sweet Treats, 3250 Retail Drive Suite 105, retail, Al Bernhard, owner, 775-220-4353.

Trishna Zinda, 1600 N. Carson St., short term, 775-671-4600.

Capital Chiropractic Offices, 604 E. Musser St., professional service, 775-882-3555.

Classic Dash, 5225 Grumman Drive Suite 100, auto RV motorcycle parts service, Classic Automotive Specialties, owner, 775-883-7904.

Patricia Cook, 271 W. Hampton Drive, childcare, 775-883-0386.

Cosmic Massage, 628 E. John St., Suite 004, independent contractor, Monica Bottorf, owner, 775-560-5625.

D&S Tow Inc., 3051 N. Deer Run Road, auto/rv/motorcycle equipment sales, Susan Zinser, owner, 775-358-7779.

First Page Listings, 1600 Empire Ranch Road, Internet, mail order, door to door, Gilbert Ramirez, owner, 775-671-5544.

Randy Hamann, out of town, contractor, 775-781-1058.

Marva Hellstrom, 20 College Parkway, childcare, 775-671-0527.

Lsbees, 901 Alyce Ct., technical service, James Ellis, owner, 775-267-1451.

MF Corporate Services MV LTD., 1012 N. Curry St., technical service, Pat Anumatengni, owner, 702-868-7779.

Multi Talented Services, 861 Colorado St., janitorial service, Jose Ramirez, owner, 775-742-0845.

Nerdy Nynjas, 832 S. Saliman Road, Internet, mail order, door to door, Eugene Ewalt, 775-220-1309.

No Scar Srt Inc., 204 W. Spear St., resident agents, 775-886-0859.

Marquita Premo, 400 W. Winnie Lane, hobby, 775-434-8130.

SC Riverside Inc., 311 W. Third St., resident agents, 775-888-4074.

Schwark Roofing, out of town, Fallon, contractor, Samuel Schwark, owner, 775-867-2386.

The Tungland Corp., out of town, Robert Tungland, owner, 602-224-5052.


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