Bill would move k-12 cash to higher-ed for early grads

A bill introduced on Monday would reward early high school graduates with some of the cash they save the school district.

Sen. Barbara Cegavske, R-Las Vegas, said Senate Bill 239 would allow the student to put up to half the per pupil funding saved because they graduate ahead of schedule toward their college education.

"Some of them can graduate in the 10th grade," said Cegavske, pointing out that, in those cases, the school district saves a lot of money that it now puts toward other uses.

Her bill would change that rule but it's permissive, allowing the districts to create an appropriate program.

"It's what I've always referred to as the money follows the student," she said.

Cegavske said she thinks the university system will like the idea because it gives more students a chance to attend college but that she isn't certain how the school districts will react.

"We should at least have the discussion and see where it goes," she said.

At present, the per pupil allotment from the state to each district is set by a count of students attending on a given day early in the fall semester. The current amount is just over $5,000 per student for the school year.

SB239 was referred to the Senate Education Committee for study.


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