Pitching in Japan, disaster affects Carson's Darrell Rasner

The disaster in Japan is directly affect Carson City native Darrell Rasner Jr.

Rasner is currently pitching for the Rakuten Golden Eagles, located in Sendai, Japan, where the epicenter of Friday's earthquake hit.

According to Rasner's father, Darrell Rasner Sr., the younger Rasner was departing from a spring training game in Kobe and was on the bullet train just outside of Nagoya when the magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit. The train was immediately stopped and they had to ride out the shock.

Rasner and the rest of the Golden Eagles are playing preseason baseball in Yokohama, but likely won't return to Sendai for quite a while.

Rasner's family wasn't in Japan when the quake hit. They were scheduled to leave in the next two weeks. That plan has been put on hold indefinitely.

However, the quake has taken a toll on Rasner's teammates and others in Golden Eagle family, many of whom still have family in Sendai.

Rasner previously pitched for the New York Yankees. Rasner has been pitching in Japan since the 2009 season.


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