Charter offers free calls to Japan for customers

Responding to last week's devastation in Japan, Charter will waive all charges for direct dial long-distance calls to Japan from residential Charter phone customers through April 30. The offer will be retroactive for calls placed to Japan from March 11.

"Seeing the horrific images on television and not being able to hear the voice of a family member, a business colleague or friend is unimaginable," said Scott Dockery, Charter's Director of Operations. "In times of staggering devastation such as these, what may seem small efforts to some can go a long way in easing the burden of others. We hope to connect friends and loved ones to help ease their pain, and will continue to keep the victims and rescue workers in our thoughts."

Charter customers will be credited for any calls placed to Japan from March 11-14. Calls made from March 14 through April 30 will be not appear on customers' monthly statements. Free calls can be placed to landline or mobile phones. Calls to operators or directory assisted calls will be charged at the usual rate.

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