Bill expands penalties for graffiti

A bill introduced in the Senate Thursday would toughen penalties for graffiti - including making any graffiti damage on an historic site a Category C felony.

Senate Bill 257 by Sen. Valerie Wiener, D-Las Vegas, lowers the threshold for increasing the penalties in cases of multiple offenses from $5,000 to $250.

In addition to allowing a court to fine and order community service for some one guilty of graffiti, the bill would allow the court to order restitution and to order the defendant to clean up, repair or replace the damaged property.

For offenders younger than 18, the parent or guardian would be required to participate in counseling.

Finally, the bill would allow the owner of the damaged property to file a civil suit for damages up to three times the cost of restoration plus attorneys' fees.

The measure was referred to the Judiciary Committee for study.


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