Faith & Insight: Keep a heavenly perspective

Grace and peace be with you all. As concerned Christians, I am sure all of you have said at one time or another, "how did we get here as a people or as a nation?"

There could be a play on words with the word "history." We like to say, "His story," especially as we refer to the Scriptures and our salvation. As you would read through Psalm 105 and 106, the Psalmist speaks in terms of history. Chapter 105 is a pleasant review; 106 is much different.

As Americans we can learn a lesson from the Psalm writer, that is, as we would look at the last couple of hundred years of America's brief history it is good to start with praise before the diagnosis. If the Psalmist would have started in verse 6 of chapter 106 and ended the Psalm with verses 1-5 he may have been too depressed to even write them. A lesson that we have learned as a congregation is to keep a heavenly perspective:

Before you look back, look up

Before you move forward, bend low

Before you ask for, be thankful

We could become very discouraged, unless we start out this way. We know the definition of faith is the substance of things hoped for, the certainty of things not seen, to live that out is to trust that God will see us through, not just that He can.

Verse 4 of 106 is a prayer for the Lord to remember and to visit us with salvation. As you read the following poem, keep in mind the criminal on the cross who asked to be remembered and that wee little man, Zacchaeus, as salvation visited his home.

Oh visit me, oh visit me

My Savior I pray Thee

Visit me, oh visit me

I seek not the ease of life

Or to be carried to Thee without the fight

When others before ran hard to win

And others passed through to Thee

Upon their bloody knee

Visit me, oh visit me

My Savior I pray Thee

Visit me, oh visit me

Though I'm not worthy to have Thee near

Your mercy purchased with a grace so dear

That now this tent, Your dwelling place

I thank Thee Lord

Thou remembered me

You remembered me, oh Lord You remembered me

By grace alone I've been set free

Your Word continually washing me

You remembered me, thank you for remembering me

- Pat Propster

May the Lord bless us and keep us, may the Lord have His face to shine upon us. As He has been gracious to us. May we prepare our hearts even more so this year than last, for the resurrection season that we celebrate as we await His imminent return.

• Pat Propster is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Carson City Christian Fellowship.


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