Sandoval signs first two policy bills

Gov. Brian Sandoval signed his first two policy bills of the 2011 session on Thursday.

Assembly Bill 15 sponsored by the budget division eliminates the requirement the state produce the statistical abstract and biennial report. Agency officials say all that information will be available in the priorities and performance budget publication and that the existing publications would be redundant.

Assembly Bill 127 by Speaker John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, eliminates requirements that the legislative branch prepare paper books containing bills, resolutions, journals and histories. Oceguera said during processing of the legislation those paper volumes aren't necessary since the information is now published electronically on the legislative website, NELIS. The change saves a significant amount of money.

The only other legislation Sandoval has signed to date is Senate Bill 1, the bill appropriating $15 million to fund the operation of the 2011 Legislature.


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