Letters to the editor March 24

There are ways to counteract budget deficit

How do you counteract the budget deficit we are facing in Nevada? The first thing you should probably do is stop spending money. Sure, we have to spend money on certain things, but there are nonessentials that can be cut out. Some state officials should consider taking a pay cut - for the good of the state.

Once it has been decided what to cut out, then you must determine how to level out the current spending. Nobody likes to be told that they have a limit on their earning potential, i.e. salary cap, but that is in fact what the state needs - for now. If a private business wasn't making money or was losing money, you can be assured that nobody in the company would be getting raises or bonuses. At this point, you should also determine how to still provide the state employees with proper benefits.

Next, you need to explore where your current cash flow is coming from and how to supplement it. My suggestion would be to raise the state sales tax to 10 percent across the board, every county, every town. We don't pay state income taxes in Nevada, so the money for state programs, public services, and road repair has to come from somewhere. Everybody wants nice roads, public services and good education for their kids, but they don't want to chip in for it.

A state lottery can provide additional funds for education, too. Casinos may not be fond of that.

Matt Bradley

Carson City

Is it time to stop funding big oil companies?

I was reading the March 18 Appeal when I came across the article about not funding National Public Radio.

I was amazed and could not believe Rep. Doug Lamborn's reasoning for sponsoring such a bill - it is time for American citizens to stop funding organizations that can stand on their own feet.

Can the big oil companies not stand on their own feet? Would Republicans ever consider not funding oil companies? I think not. My understanding is that they get upwards of $50 billion in subsidies from the government.

I'm just asking. I don't expect an answer.

Joe Lyons

Carson City


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