Letters to the editor March 25

Irresponsible dog owners give others a bad name

As a dog owner, I'm truly grateful to Carson City for all the parks and trails they let us dog owners share with everyone else, including children.

We dog owners are provided with the means necessary at these facilities to do the right thing - that is, to pick up after our animals. Bags are provided to us by the city to retrieve these items, and in most cases, receptacles are provided also for the bags to be placed in.

But time and time again, anyone can go to these venues and see dog droppings of all sizes within feet of the post holding the bags, as well as all along the walkway.

These irresponsible dog owners had better wake up and realize that when the general public, non-dog owners and responsible dog owners alike, get tired of having themselves and their families stepping in this neglectful practice, the city could easily make these areas off limits to dogs.

You chose to own a dog, it didn't choose to live with you, and you are responsible for its actions.

Kris Muratore

and Dusty

Carson City

Oil is the cornerstone of economy

I would remind Congress and about half the country that oil still is the cornerstone of our economy. I also would remind them of the 1973 Saudi oil embargo that created 10 years of economic pain, helped in no small measure by the reluctance of Congress to increase our own oil production. The strategic oil reserve did little or nothing to help.

I would further remind everyone that our increasing demand for foreign oil and its ever-increasing world-demand prices, eventually sent our cost of living into outerspace in 2007. No return as yet.

During these four decades of energy/environmental evolution, our other energy resources were either put on hold or curtailed. This included alternative and renewable energies. The entire evolutionary process eventually produced a smaller, weaker, 60 percent green economy, boat loads of debt and unemployment beyond unemployment.

Meanwhile, and through the increased use of oil, most of the world has been trying to increase their quality of life.

Environmentalists countered with global warming, then climate control, as if we could ever change the sun's control of our climate. Our glaciers in the north are melting from the bottom up, while air temperatures are cold, and our southern glaciers are growing.

In any event, the day we start using our oil and our natural gas at our demand prices, is the day we start our 10-year climb to energy independence, and a cost of living based on a stable economy.

ROn Wood



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