Letters to the editor March 30

Carson state worker grateful for job

This is in response to Mr. Bruno's letter on March 23 about state workers being overpaid.

I left a job in the private sector in 1999, and after 12 years of working for the state, I am still not at the same level of income that I earned in 1999. This is true of many state workers.

At the time I started working for the state, I felt that making half of what I made in the private sector would be offset by the benefits I would receive. Over the years these benefits have been cut drastically. However, I am not whining, as you call it, Mr. Bruno. And, by the way, your comment that we sit behind desks with fifth-grade computer skills came off as a fifth-grade level insult.

I am grateful for my job, and I know my coworkers are, as well. Private sector or public sector, we're all feeling the recession.

Gina Mick

Carson City


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