Our Opinion: Civic pride will lead to a great fireworks display

There are some old-fashioned values that never go out of style. One you don't hear much about these days is civic pride.

Not everything we do has to be about cost or services, some things should be done because it makes us proud of where we live and what we've accomplished.

It's a lot easier to take potshots at something than to jump in and lend a hand.

That's why we applaud Dick Campagni's throwing out the first cash in support of the annual RSVP fireworks show.

We know there's a lot of money to raise to get to the $25,000 Janice Ayres hopes to obtain to make Carson City's fireworks show a great one.

We also know every journey starts with a single step, and you can go a lot farther if you start early.

Nine more donations like the one on Tuesday and the fireworks show is home free. That there are nine donors who can come up with $2,500 each might be too much to hope for, but smaller donations can add up quickly.

So here's to civic pride in support of patriotism.

Thanks in advance for making this Fourth a memorable one.


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