Howard Justin Ide

March 24, 1918 - Oct. 20, 2011

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, he grew up in Michigan where he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1939. He spent his life in the Airplane and Aerospace Industry in Southern California. He lived his last 10 years in Northern Nevada, and grew to love the area.

He is survived by 2 sons, Gary and Randy, numerous grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

He became a writer of Children's stories late in life and wrote the following in 2001..

"Passing Thru"

I fought the fight

and raced the rat

I played the game

went there, did that

Twice loved and been loved

Three sons I begat

Oh, I've lived long

and I've lived fat

The world was great

from where I sat

But suddenly I'm old

A useless cat

My loves are gone

My life is flat

Alone by the fire

with old dog to pat

I only dream of the past

Reliving all that

I'm out of it now

I tip my Hat.


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