Letters to the editor Oct. 22

Honor victims, remember them and move on

The IHOP shooting has brought out many different emotions. I have heard it said or read that some feel the IHOP should not reopen, that it should be moved or torn down and that a monument should be built to the victims.

Really? The shooting was without a doubt a terrible tragedy, but let's get real. The IHOP corporation should tear down a what, maybe a million-dollar building, in this economy? Most people with a few years under their belt have suffered tragedy; it is a part of life. Again, it is a tragedy, especially for the children and other family members. I don't want to trivialize that, but tear down, memorialize?

Tragedies happen daily throughout the world, many much worse than this. Let's keep things in perspective, be there for the victims' families, help with expenses, counsel where appropriate, contribute to tuition funds, etc., but stay real.

One letter suggested Purple Hearts for the National Guard victims. For perspective, I served in the military, and four of six children have served or are serving. The Purple Heart is a medal for military personnel who are wounded or killed while involved in conflict with the enemy.

These were good folks who served in the Guard who went to a breakfast meeting and got caught up in a murder spree. Victims, yes; combatants, no.

What bothers me the most is that you only rarely hear mention of Florence Gunderson, a 67-year-old woman who died with them.

Honor them, remember them, but move on.

Richard Cornish

Carson City

Obama wrong on Iran plan

Since that day in 1979 when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile in France, it has been the single-minded objective of Iranian leaders to bring an end to the existence of Israel and America.

No one of Iran's leaders has been a more vociferously fierce advocate for such an eventuality than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - the tyrant with whom President Obama is willing to meet without preconditions.

We learn now that Iran's heads of state are part and parcel of a plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States - on American soil.

This incredible outrage begs the question: How's that "without preconditions" diplomatic innovation working out for you, Mr. President?

Orlis Trone



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