Letters to the editor Oct. 27

City needs to bring

back cemetery tour

You have no idea how upset we were to discover that Carson City was not backing the cemetery tour this year for Halloween.

We live in Benicia, Calif., and planned a three-day, two-night weekend so we could participate in Carson City's activities. We brought in several tourist dollars last year, and were hoping to do it again this year, and bring friends along with us.

It is a three-hour drive, and one that my wife and I feel is well worth it. I truly hope that you back this activity in the future.

Douglas Benny

Benicia, Calif.

Safeway closure crushes frequent customer

Upon reading the article in a recent Appeal, I sent the following email to Safeway:

I was crushed to learn this morning that the Carson City Safeway Store will close in November. That store has been my main source of groceries for 29 years. I particularly like the meat and produce, and the employees are like family.

I ask that you retain this store, which provides so many benefits to our community.

Tom Strekal

Carson City

Hey, Occupy protesters, move to Europe

I have the solution for the left-wing population of the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters: Move to Europe. Europe needs more free-thinkers like yourselves who aren't afraid of work, and Greece needs your money to get bailed out.

I encourage you to take your socialist views to the socialist lands and try practicing freedom of speech.

Khristine Hansen-Jones

Carson City

Tearing down restaurant wasn't the answer

In regards to letter Oct. 7 by Donald Paetz: As terrible and as senseless as the murders at the IHOP were, closing and tearing down the IHOP is not the answer.

Using your reasons, we should shut down Hawaii because of the lives lost at Pearl Harbor. I have lived in two apartment complexes where people were murdered, and those should be closed and torn down. I suppose Columbine High School should have been torn down, too.

Every home and/or business which has had a senseless killing should be torn down. Now there is a salon in California where several died. Close that down, too? If he would have gone into Raley's and opened fire on people at the checkout, should they close down Raley's? I suppose you no longer fly on planes because of the people murdered on 9/11?

The fact is, it is not illegal to be crazy anymore. His mental illness was known but, until they are a danger to themselves or others, nothing can be done. Unfortunately, a person or persons must be hurt or killed first.

How many non-crazy people temporarily lose it and kill the ex in a fit of rage?

Murder and death happen everywhere, every day, but life goes on.

I do not believe it is disrespectful for those of us living, to keep on doing so in a normal fashion.

Remember, but live.

Denice Cain

Carson City


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