Letters to the editor Nov. 10

Thanks to all those who helped 'raise' children

This year, both of our grown sons were featured in the Nevada Appeal - fortunately not in the sheriff's log. After the articles appeared, folks called with congratulations. These were the same people who played a role in their upbringing.

Raising children, as any parent will agree, requires the help of the community. Our boys had more than one family. They had their church family, neighborhood family, school family and sports family. All provided them with opportunities, motivation and support.

We are fortunate to live in a connected neighborhood. The boys had multiple mothers and fathers growing up. They often said they could never get away with anything. We are certain they probably did get away with a few doozies, but it was good that they believed they didn't.

Carson City is a vibrant community. Our sons had limitless opportunities for outdoor activities, cultural events and family fun.

Carson City citizens are resilient and responsive. Our neighborhood was threatened by a flood and the Waterfall fire. People from all over showed up to fill sandbags and provide temporary homes for our rabbits, cats and dogs. Our sons experienced first-hand from Carson City folks the importance of helping in times of need.

Fellow parents, let's remember to express our gratitude to those who help us in our challenging journey: Teachers, coaches, neighbors and the many volunteers working to make Carson City a wonderful place to call home. We are so thankful for all of you.

David and Kathy Bartosz

Carson City

Administration not adhering to policies

My family, wife and her family immigrated to America and the first stop was Ellis Island. My point: To enter this country, U.S. laws/policy must be adhered to, not overlooked for the political vote.

I am a Christian, great-grandfather of 19 Christian children, enjoy my many friends of many nationalities/colors and respect everyone's religious beliefs and refrain from using offensive language. As an American and WWII veteran, I resent being referred to by the left as being racist, a capitalistic pig, etc.

I am not a Tea Party member, but I don't remember seeing offensive signs or riots during their gatherings as Americans are now seeing during these so-called Wall Street marches. When questioned, some could not even read the posters they displayed, explaining they were paid. Most replied they wanted jobs but were referring to the job makers as capitalistic fat hogs. In plain words these rioters, some carrying signs saying "Support Socialism," did not know what the hell they were talking about. Hundreds arrested, officers assaulted, some injured and our illustrious president stated these people were just frustrated and expressing themselves like the Tea Party marchers.

Close the borders, heavily fine businesses that hire illegal immigrants, bring back lost manufacturers, drill for oil, and let Americans pray and wear the American flag pin and display the flag wherever they please. Easy to do, but not with this administration.

William Lepore



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