Letters to the editor Nov. 11

Let wild-horse leagues handle problem horses

Nevada Department of Agriculture, what are you thinking?

You said you were not going to trap the wild horse in Stagecoach, yet you put a corral there, in a partially obscure area. This corral is adjacent to a large vacant field with no fences on three sides.

This pen, though, is not a catch pen, because the gate is tied open with baling twine and is daily stocked with alfalfa hay and a large tub of water. You are luring bands of horses in and keeping them in the area near Highway 50.

I'm sure soon there will be a catch pen to capture the innocent horses that otherwise would be farther away from Highway 50. This scenario is no different than the Mound House one.

Three-tenths of a mile off Highway 50, a Nevada business was feeding and watering a band which was usually in the hills where there is plenty of food and water. This action is no different than yours. This action kept the band around Highway 50, where three horses were eventually killed in vehicle accidents.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, you ordered the Nevada Department of Agriculture to pick up horses that are a nuisance, which the majority of the area horses are not. It looks quite obvious you are adding to the problem.

This type of action needs to come to a halt. Let the nonprofit wild-horse leagues capture the problem horses, which they know, and adopt them out. This costs the state nothing.

Michael McBride

Carson City

Build a memorial at IHOP

When I drive by the IHOP now, I get a feeling of sadness and deep sorrow. Then I wondered, how can the CEO of IHOP want to reopen? It is all about the money?

What about the people who were killed by a random act of violence, and what about the people who were there just eating their breakfast? This violent act will haunt everyone who witnessed the killings.

Some people write to the newspaper, saying, "Move on," "Reopen IHOP," "Life goes on."

Well, until you walk in their shoes, you haven't felt what they are feeling. Everyone mourns in different ways.

The IHOP should be torn down because it is sacred land now. IHOP should put up a memorial wall with all the names of the people who got murdered and all the names of people who were there when the massacre took place.

Then, every year that goes by, the people of Carson City can pay their respect, and hopefully, can start healing.

Now, when I drive by the IHOP, I say a little prayer, but I still feel sad.

Donna Batis-Wungnema

Carson City

Did they tear down school after shooting spree?

Did they tear down Columbine and erect a shrine?

Fran Tedesco

Carson Cityꯂ


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