Letters to the editor Nov. 17

Nobody else can judge reason for abortion

Perhaps I am just not aware of what may be giving voice to this issue on the Internet. What I do know, from years past as a young wife of an unemployed young husband laid off from work at Fox Studios, is that I got pregnant, had an illegal abortion and almost bled to death.

Illegal abortions are the answer to repealing legal abortions. To make them illegal does not stop them. It just makes the whole process deadly, dangerous, costly and socially humiliating.

This subject is not one of society's justified right to pass judgment on. It has nothing to do with anyone's religious or social rights except the person who is pregnant and may have been raped by some relative or is incapable of raising a child.

Get real. Get off of this self-righteous kick.

Nikki Campbell

Carson City

Sports article put down high school athletes

How is it that the mentality of a fan trumps camaraderie of sports?

In Darrell Moody's recent opinion reporting about the girls' soccer team, he opens with: "As expected, Carson High's girls' soccer team cruised to an easy win. ..."

Does the power of the pen and an opinion give him the freedom and audacity to put down high school girls? I am not a journalist, but I am certain that there is a better and more tactful way to report the outcome of a soccer match, one that speaks to the challenges on the field and what the team accomplished.

I do not know the soccer background of Moody, but seeing as he observed Monday night's match through a basketball lens, I will make the assumption he has no playing experience, nor any formal understanding of the game. As an ex-Carson and collegiate player I would like to conclude with my opinion, as I feel I am far more suited to speak on the game than Mr. Moody.

Monday's match was a game of developing talent where one team emerged victorious.

This overconfident mentality, an egocentric take to the game, has prevented us from witnessing what really occurs on an athletic field. It is for this reason I have lost respect for a program I once was a part of, and if Mr. Moody is satisfied with Monday's result, I would like to ask him why the program has not won anything other than a league title since 2001?

Thomas Boyer


Media should stop using negative images, thoughts

Several recent letters to the editor have mentioned the need to put the tragic actions of Eduardo Sencion behind us and move on with more positive images and thoughts.

There is one part of that process that keeps returning to put the focus in the wrong place. That is the actions by the people at the Nevada Appeal. I refer to the constant mention of the IHOP gunman and negative and graphic photos such as the front page of the Nov. 2 Appeal - a bullet hole through a window with the word "IHOP" in background.

I have a few suggestions for the people at the Appeal to consider, which would help the community move past this tragic event. Stop using the name IHOP to identify the events of Sept. 6. Sencion was responsible, not IHOP. You can use Sencion's name such as Sencion's attack, or refer to the day such as the Sept. 6 shooting, or some other headline that does not involve IHOP.

Stop using negative photos. Reporting the Twin Towers events of 9/11 did not show people jumping from the buildings, because it was decided that it was insensitive, and was not necessary to convey what happened. We need to see photos of Sencion and his actions, not of one of the victims, which is IHOP.

Doyle Hanks

Carson City┼×


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