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This continues RSVP's regular Sunday column of outstanding volunteer opportunities. Be sure to look it over and see what you would like to do to put some fun in your life!

• Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is seeking volunteers to fill several of its positions: Court Monitoring, Victim Impact Panel coordinator/moderator, Victim Impact Panel speaker, and Victim Advocate. Nevada MADD volunteer orientation and online training will be provided. Computer access and experience required.

• Carson Aquatic Facility needs a volunteer to work the front desk and answer phones. Must have strong customer service and computer skills.

• RSVP is looking for Respite volunteers to give caregivers a break. Volunteers receive training, mileage reimbursement and a stipend of $175 per month.

• Drivers needed for RSVP Carson City to provide seniors transportation to the doctor. Also need a volunteer in the RSVP office to assist with general clerical duties - love of telephones a must!

• Western Nevada College needs volunteers on Thursday's and Friday's to answer phones and run errands. Some knowledge of computers preferable.

• Are you an animal lover? Carson City Animal Shelter needs volunteers to walk dogs and socialize with cats and provide some loving attention.

• Northern Nevada Railway Foundation needs volunteers who love railroads. The foundation office in Carson City offers many exciting opportunities for volunteers.

• Ormsby Association for Retarded Citizens needs volunteers for its thrift store to sort, hang and organize clothing. This is their big source of funds that help the retarded lead productive lives.

• Your Carson City Fire Department really needs volunteer(s) for its receptionist position for which clerical experience is desired. Remember, these are the folks who protect us from fire! Try to help!

• Like to see great shows for free? The Carson City Parks and Recreation Department is training volunteers for its Community Center Theater for productions. They need light and sound technicians. This is exciting work and you get to see all the great shows in the theater. Also looking for volunteers for daytime building monitors, custodians, and maintenance.

All volunteers receive orientation and training. Also, volunteers can receive a limited amount of out-of-pocket expenses and are covered by several insurances. For details call Carol at 775-687-4680 ext. 6. Do not contact the agency(s) listed above directly.

Remember, RSVP has volunteer job opportunities in 200 other agencies that aren't listed here because of space limitation. If nothing here jumps out at you, call Carol and let her see if she can find you your niche.


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